Thursday, December 29, 2005

They do. All the time. They tend to give you whatever they run across. It's so nice, and it has resulted in a big big stash. But the truth is I am never going to buy the yarn I WANT because I have so much yarn I GOT.

So, New Year Resolution. Don't keep it. Swap. I'd rather have one skein of Noro than 20 skeins of stuff taking up room.

1. blue mohair - one skein. I will never use mohair i decided. Too thin.

2. Patons acrylic - 3 skeins, pastel colors on an off white background. Not my thing.

3. Gray 100% wool, a DK weight. Mid gray, a little heathery. 3 skeins, about 120 yds ea. Knits up on a 5-7. Actually looks a lot like Cascade 220. Sorry about photo of gray yarn on a taupe rug..

4. Dark Purple (eggplant) and lilac ribbon yarn - also can take a shot. Enough to make a large tank. Was frogged from a JJill top. Pardon the photo on my ugly windowsill, the colors are a little less "gray" in real life. Eggplant and kind of a vibrant midshade lighter purple.

5. Cranberry colored skeins of Philosopher's Wool. 100% wool. 3 dark, two a little lighter. I Had a big kit to make a beautiful nordic sweater. Was beyond my skills, and have used most the other yarn on other projects.

6. Light blue Patons Divine - I think it's Halo Blue. 3 skeins.

7. 2 skeins of Gloucester off white cotton. Gone!

8. Burgundy colored wool boucle. 4 skeins with bands still, two used a little. Aarlan, 100% wool, but it's soft.

I'm open to suggestion - not a big fan of acrylics or sparkly, spangly things. Love deep colors and natural fibers. Anything hand dyed or variegated. Patterns, old IKs, Vogues, etc.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We have 40 mins before we're expected at a party. I'm not dressed or even hairbrushed. Have no idea what I even feel like wearing.

The girls are downstairs playing in their new IKEA tent (arguing) also not dressed or brushed or even diaper changed. Craig's on his way home I think. AGain, not sure.

You know when you hit the wall? Tired? Spacey?

It's easier being here. With my imaginary online friends (and some real knitsmiths ones...) Showing you (whoever YOU are) the hats I made over Christmas for the kids. Aren't they cute? Zoe's jacket is red - maya's is pink.

Also, here's the closeup Colleen. Will bring the pattern on Sunday - although with your new books, you might already have it now! Not sure if the other picture is better.

Had great Christmas Cocktails - will share soon. Also begun new sweater from Knitscapes. The chunky cardigan with the horizontal ribs. Must take photos.

Should go deal with things.....

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Working in Cascade 220, which really is hard to beat. Took a cable stitch from the Vogue Knitting Stitch Gallery and made a scarf of it. Alternating cables. Am almost done with skein one, will do a little more off skein 2 and then block the sucker as wide as I can since I really should have cast on 10 more sts. But am loving the yarn, the color and the pattern and think it will be a perfect grandpa scarf. (He'll really never notice it's not wide enough - you should see what Grandma makes him wear usually...) He may even get a matching hat if I have time in the car ride to Conn. on Sat.

But in the middle of the knitting today, I lost yet another cable needle. HAD to go to the Knitting Room and get a new one. I go through these things like water apparently. I got 3. And I got some of the amazing Malabrigo Alison has been waxing poetic about. Saw a colorway named "violetas". All me. While I was there, I also happened to see Scarf Style in my arm's reach.

Can't wait to make about 10 of these... Maybe I'll start earlier for next Christmas.

Or maybe I'll just get going on that malabrigo hat for me. Much more likely.

Oh yeah, also got a copy of Loop de Loop in the mail from a Knitty Swap (thanks Jenn). What a cool book. I don't know if I will ever make most the stuff in it, but what cool ideas. I love looking at it.

However, that Ballet T, that's way wearable and very knittable. I must see if I have anything I can make it out of in the stash... Maybe add some sleeves or something...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why have I never done this before?
Took an existing pattern (Yarn Girls Guide - the purple cardigan) and then changed the measurements according to a proven favorite sweater! Duh.
Also, finally READ some instructions and spent a bunch of time teaching myself how to do PROPER seams. Sad that I've been doing this so long and never did it before. Am pretty happy with the results, just need to add some buttons.
I love this yarn - but Im a little concerned since the sweater's been on my body a few hours and it's already pilling and shedding more than one would hope. Anyone else have a Manos garment and some advice? Either way I don't care, it's a custom fitted cardigan! And these colors are awesome. Don'k know if the camera does it justice - deep browns, pumpkin and purples.

Now onto my a scarf for my Pop - just a few days left to get it going...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

So a while ago, I had some purple and brown yarn, but not enough to make anything out of. From my Mom, who bought it in Italy. Yay - free yarn. But then I had to buy some Manos to use "with it" on whatever it was meant to be. Then I bought more Manos, and more and more till I had $75 worth of purple and brown Manos. Beautiful stuff, but about that FREE YARN...

not so free anymore. But still, love the Manos. Original yarn forgotten. I made a cardigan, loose weave, boxy. Hated it. Frogged. Swap it? No. Swap it now? No.

Two years later. Much smaller fitted cardigan in the works. Pattern from Yarn Girls Guide - and sizing to one of my favorite current sweaters as I go. Going fast - have back and two sides done in 3 days. Think I might actually like this one.

And that original brown and purple yarn, some made it into a tank, the rest in the stash.. swap it? no.

Also managed to finish an Aurora 8 sleeve:

Jury is still out on the hot purple, but I love this stuff. Think I'll keep going. Otherwise, cold and losing my tan fast. Oh well. Am REALLY hoping to make it to Knitsmiths this Sunday. Sleeping baby, off to knit more Manos.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Well, she picked out the sweater, approved the yarn I was using and let me try it on her during the process, so she should be. I'm pretty pleased myself. From Miss Bea's Playtime, in Cascade Sierra. Again, LOVE Miss Bea's Playtime - easy but adorable cable patterns and easy to folloow directions. This one has xs and os (kisses and hugs). Was enough to keep me awake, but easy to multi task with. I fudged the sizing to make a 6 out of the 2/3 yr measurements. Should fit her for a bit.

She's having fun with the camera. Loves a good pose.

Here's the XO Closeup...

And, a couple of hats. The first in a dark burgundy Manos I can thank Colleen from SubwayKnitter for. Got it in the swap and it made a great hat for my friend Leah, who doesn't do bright colors. Perfect.

The second hat for Gabriella, will match her bright green jacket just fine. Rainbow. She does do bright colors. Not sure what I want to do with the hat, am winging it. Cables, ribs, plain? We'll see. I figure the more I knit and blog today, the less I have to shovel.

Still to early for a cocktail, but off to a tree decorating tonight. Am thinking Cranberry Mimosa.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The siren song of the knitting basket has won out again. Am almost done with Xs and Os, should be able to post a finished shot tomorrow of Maya in her new sweater. It fits great, a surprise since I made the 2-3 yr size and fudged the gauge to m y thicker yarn. I just need to seam up the sides.

Here's a little progress with my Aurora 8. Soon to be Debbie Bliss's Grace, with a few mods - less ribbing along the front, shorter and with some shaping at the waist. We'll see...

You can't really see the color here - it's more of a shocking purple, which to be honest, I'm not too keen on. But the yarn is so amazing to knit with, I'm willing to overlook the color. It was meant to be the bright purple sweater from Fall Vogue - then I switched to plan B here. Hence the electric grape. I'll wear it. I will. The cables are fun since they're all different. Not boring at all.

I have two hats in the works for when concentration isn't in the cards. I'll post shots of those when I get the XO done.

Monday, November 28, 2005

About those projects I brought?

It just isn't the thing you want to be doing when there is SO much else to do and it's hot. And sunny. And you only have 7 days. I spent way more time playing... it was a great week. I highly recommend the resort vacation for any big family reunion type event. Everyone gets to do their own thing, and everyone still gets to see each other. The kids had a blast together. I snorkeled with a big old sea turtle. Tried many rum drinks. Went kayaking. Played tennis.

Will post a photo of Aurora 8 and XO progress, but it's not impressive.

Only saw one fellow knitter the whole 7 days - and it was my Mom. Working on a beautiful Noro sweater for my stepdad.

My projects were much smaller and not so big on the lap. Big on the lap is tooo hot. And ruins the tan lines.

I did, however, READ A BOOK. The Kite Runner. Amazing. Couldn't put it down.

Now I'm home. It's cloudy and cold. Baby sleeping. I see lots of knitting progress ahead.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sorry to have missed KSs yesterday - was out shopping with a friend and didn't feel like calling it a day early enough to go. Would have liked to join you and I bet it was fun to be at Lisa's - Scout must have loved the extra attention too!

Gave the chevron scarf to my shopping buddy, who was quite appreciative. The colors were perfect for her - and it turns out to match not only her lime green coat, but also her purple fleece for everyday outings as well! Love it when a gift works out....

Am beginning Debbie Bliss's Grace with Aurora 8 - am only at the beginning of a sleeve, but can already tell I might have a new favorite yarn. The swatch was beautiful. This stuff is amazing - soft and spongy, a little sheeny and you can tell it won't be pilly ever ever ever. Looks great in ribs. It seems so thin on the skein, I almost doubted the size 8 needles, but it looks great. Might get addictive.

Also working on Maya's XO sweater - have finished sleeves and moved on to the body. Getting a little tedious, but still love Miss Bea and her easy to follow directions. And Maya still loves seeing if I am doing a "kiss" or a "hug" in the pattern, which I'm a sucker for.

Will spare you boring photos of both, since they are only a few inches deep and don't look too groovy yet. YET. Have plans of working on both over Thanksgiving..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

oops - apparently a smudge on the camera...

I had a complete brain freeze reading this pattern for the first few days - even swatched a bunch of alternate scarf ideas, but finally it made sense and off I go.

It's the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but smaller (using 36 sts and a 3 base instead of 4) since the yarn is much bigger. You can see the colors much better here.

It's pretty fun and very easy to do, but I appear to be EATING the yarn - only this far and about 2/3 done with the first skein! Luckily the recipient won't know it's meant to be extra long...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Some gifts. The first is going to be a chevron scarf in this amazing purple and green variegated worsted I got on ebay. The seller makes the softest wool, does some great colors and I got the stuff for $6 a skein!! The colors are a little more vibrant on the screen than in real life. The greens range from mint to a dusty sage and the purple goes from lavender to a brighter violet.

The second is done - another turkey baster scarf done on my mongo 35s. I love this pattern and hope my friend does too...

And more Miss Bea! Maya picked this sweater - a simple pullover with Xs and Os cabled up and down the body and arms. She's loving it and as I knit, she tells me if I'm doing a kiss (x) or an hug (o). Again, I love love love this book!!!!

Just have to put the zipper in Zoe's pink sweater, but am debating bringing it to a professional for that part. Just not a seamstress, me.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Here's what I walked away with (or upstairs, as the case may be)

Some beautiful variegated things - a blue unknown fiber that had some bright pinks and purples and yellows in it. Might be destined for a scarf of some sort - or maybe part of a summer tank. In the center, oranges, pinks and yellows with black sock yarn - no idea what that'll be but it was so pretty. And on the end, some greens and blues and purples in a manos like wool. Am thinking of a simple black sweater with that stuff as a high ribbing, cuffs and neckline. Love it!

The second photo represents my more manly side - the colors were amazing and I know this batch of wools will make some of the men on my holiday list happy. (Or a felted bag for ME...)

I sent a batch of people and project specific shots to Alison for the site, but here are a few to fill those of you who couldn' t join us in on the action.

Here's how we look when we aren't crowded between the books and the videos.

Much cozier.

And here's how Johanna looks on Halloween.

She kept her outfit on all night too - there's some Halloween spirit!

I didn't expect to find myself with time to blog today, but here I am! Back from an amazing rummage sale (no sweaters to frog this time, but some great stuff nonetheless), two sleeping babies, popcorn made and books to read picked out for the 1st grade Halloween party and -- things from yesterday put away. I plan on bringing the extra loot from the swap to Knitsmiths the next time I go - if anyone wants it they can browse... There's about one shopping bag left.

Off to wake the babies and get to school. Happy Halloween all.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Maya LOVES LOVES LOVES this scarf --- I think it was made by Alison, and came ready made in the bag. She actually snuggled it and hit the floor for a dance of joy when I gave it to her! Kudos to Dana who spied it as a potential Maya pleaser.

I have another shot that didn't come out of her doing the same with the pattern book Johanna so thoughtfully picked out for us. We both LOVE LOVE LOVE it - She's already picked out a few items she'll be needing for the winter season.

They are fabulous. Must get more groovy girly yarns and get going.

Thanks to all of you guys for coming out and bringing your great stuff - it was really nice to hang out and relax with all of you without bumping into movie renters for a change. And about those pumpkin muffins, polenta cookies, whoopie pie thingys and etc. - Mmmm.

Tune back in tomorrow for some yarn booty and knitting update type stuff. Or really, Tuesday.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Zoe's Miss Beas sweater - it still needs a zipper and I'm thinking a bright orange or red or yellow - but other than that she's done. I loved this pattern and it was really well written, too. Especially for something by Rowan!

Had some brainless parts for conversation, some more intricate parts as well, enough to feel proud of myself. Miss Bea's Rainy Day. Awesome book.

Can't wait to do one more for my older girl from the same - She's already picked it out. I used Cascade Siena - it's not an exact match to the Rowan in the book, but I had it and with the girls, fit is less of an issue. This will fit next spring.... I think.

In the interest of getting ready to swap, I've been doing small project after small project - going through the stash really reminds you of all the stuff you meant to do! This was a hat of Noro Iro I had swapped this summer and had lying around. Loved the colors. Fudged the pattern - Turns out 64 stitches around is the right number for my head in this stuff.

I also did a few other hats and scarves, but they were claimed as gifts before any photos were taken - it always feels good when someone sees it on the counter and wants it! I actually am working on another of these in cream for a friend who saw this one and liked it - but doesn't look good in orange. The pattern is from a yarn store in Oakland CA - I loved it and have already made a few in the years I've had it. Knit on 35s - like turkey basters! 10 sts across - it's done in about two hours. Instant gratification. After the cream, one more in blue for another buddy and then I'm through my huge bulky yarn stash.

Ready to swap for more...

On the topic of swap - the Knitsmiths swap is here at my house tomorrow 10/30 - (not enough room at Booksmiths anymore for all of us on swap day) Any Boston area folks want to join?
Good stash, good company, good knitting. Last year I left with 10 sk of a beautiful Jaeger cotton, a bag of Kureyon, some great unidentified cottons in beautiful colors, and a cone of deep blue mohair! Note the absence of acrylic cheapo stuff...

Email me seperately and I can give you the info.

On the topic of cocktail, I found a Halloween punch - cider, seltzer, orange juice and rum. Pretty tasty.

And of course,

pumpkin beer.

Monday, October 17, 2005

If anyone is looking for a great kids book, try one of the Miss Beas. I love the charts, the photos and the easy to understand directions!!! So far we have sleeves and a back and a bit of one of the fronts....

can't wait to see this one done - but sadly it won't fit till spring.

Friday, October 14, 2005

First, we decorated the house for Halloween. Here are the front doors. Maya and her buddies like to "try on" the eyes.

Think my front doors need painting?

And like the chicken wire glass?

Blame the previous owner.

We have him to thank for many questionable design touches throughout.

Then I found baseball buttons for my little stashbusting baby sweater.

Then I finished my lace scarf out of DB Cashmerino Chunky. I used a pattern from Vogue Knitting Winter 2003/2004. Fallen Leaves or something like that. It was big and orange and chunky in the mag - and had a few mistakes in the pattern. Had to check the website for the correct version! I am trying to do Marnie MacClean's nautilus hat to go with this, but keep messing up so far... Anyone make that and have advice on the counting??

Lastly, am busy making a cardigan from Miss Bea's Playground for Zoe. Using Cascade Sierra in hot pink.. This photo is a few days old. Am done with both sleeves now and on the back. Doing the sleeves first is fab! Getting used to the pattern and getting some early gratification!

Again, no cocktail. It's early.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Finished the little baby sweater and snake -


Gotta say these little projects are so gratifying - a few days, some chunky yarn, some leftover stuff and voila! Not too exciting from the technical side, but nice and easy. I liked this yarn a lot too - really soft and although the colors dont' really come out in the photo (blame the rain and indoor lighting), it's a watercolor of greens and blues.

Now must find adorable buttons in the next few weeks..

Again, no cocktail. It's 10 am and I'm not even done with my tea - haven't eaten a thing yet, have not showered either. Big girl playing Ponies, little one napping.

Time to Knit!!

Yep, I found time to block the sweater, take the photo and do this - but food, shower, speaking to husband, cleaning? Will get around to it later.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

For my old friend Sarah, who I worked with for years --- now she's moved on to be a wildly successful ad exec in NY, first baby on the way. Nothing too big, it's an apartment. Perfect excuse to knit.

He's a boy - so he'll need his very own snake. And a sweater.

Am using the remainder of my DB Cotton Denim Aran and some great stuff I had from a friend that is way soft and chunky and the prettiest muted green and blue - as to what it is? No clue. Have dragon buttons too, will see if they work. Might scare the snake, so who knows.

No cocktail, it's not even lunch yet...

Monday, October 03, 2005

I love it - not only is it the cutest poncho ever, but it took 3 days, busted a whole freezer bags' worth of bulky yarn, and made Little Miss Maya here feel like a princess even with the unwoven ends trailing below her Cinderella nightie. No actual pattern involved either, just some eyeballs, some markers, and a pair of 17 circs. Could not be easier. Sorry to the KS, as we left off the big flowery thing. Overkill.

Now what to make next? Am loving these instant gratification projects. Must pick another!
Oh, and the cocktail to go with the low maintenance poncho - what's more instantly gratifying than an already bottled, no mixing or even pouring necessary BEER? And here's an Amber Lager in the fridge just for me.

Is being able to dress yourself. Here we are on our way to school. Plaid shoes and a sparkly fish t shirt go with everything. Just wait till you see 'em with our NEW poncho...

PS I did knit that sweater - her sister has a matching one that's purple and red and yellow instead of pink!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

have not yet photographed the finished cardi, but have finished with very plain black buttons and even worn it.

Instead, got waylaid by this:

I've made so many, but saved none for myself -- so here she is. My Bag. Sold my first one at the store and had a big brainstorm --- must begin wearing one around as advertising. Duh.

Next up, something with little to no shaping - poncho for Maya - check out the crazy yarn. It's my six year old's bestest bestest pick ever... I actually think it will be the grooviest poncho on the playground!

oops - photo to follow (hows that for a teaser??...)

And to drink, well it was a long day apple picking and not in the mood to make anything up. A little cool out too. Cabernet Sauvignon - a really cheap one we found by accident that's actually pretty good - Crane Lake 2002 Cab.

We usually look for new and not so bad $8 bottles as "house wine" around here - Ravenswood, Bogle, Blackstone, Rosemount, whatever looks interesting on sale at Costco or the Fresh Pond wine store - stuff to keep around when you don't want to spend $20 on a Tuesday night with your pizza.

But this one was 2 for $10 and recommended at Berman's in Lexington. Not bad. Give it a shot if you see it in the store.... kind of full and fruity. Need some cheese or olives!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well, I'm wearing it right now with two sleeves, but here's a pic of it this afternoon with one sleeve. In the end, not loving the Cork yarn - very spongy,- for lack of a better word.
The sweater is definitely one of those that will kind of stretch out over time and lose some shape. Also, you can't REALLY see, but I did a sloppy job on the seaming. Not my best moment, but it's done and wearable. Two people so far haven't noticed the shoddy workmanship.
Or the safety pins instead of buttons for that matter, so maybe I should question their judgement. Off to find buttons tomorrow.
But overall, comfy and not itchy, a fast knit. The pattern itself was fun - some cables, some ribs. A 26 row repeat, so you don't get bored. I changed the neckline and made it all moss stitch, with a few rows of a Koigu variegated purple around the edge a few rows in.

And next, 14 skeins of bright purple Aurora 8.

Not fully sure I'm up for the challenge yet.

Might felt a bag or do a hat first. Am thinking of the seventies shawl from SnB Nation as well.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Just have to assemble my version of the Rowan Cork cabled cardigan - did a different collar than they called for - and will have two finished sweaters in one week. Almost too much to ask for. Stay tuned, am expecting something photo worthy (or at least photo finished) in the next day or so. Still not sure how well the black will show up, but hey.

Am all ready to begin the Vogue Knitting purple cropped cabled number, but think I'll take a short sweater break before jumping in the fray again. Have beeee you ti ful purple Aurora 8 for that one - will post a teaser shot soon. It's kinda bright - right up my alley.

Have DB Cashmerino Chunky and wanted to do a leaves like lace number with it. Had a great pattern from a past Vogue but think theres a mistake in it and can't get it right. Must be THEM, not ME right??

Just a chunky scarf, something quick and gratifying. Anyone know a great easy lace pattern that would work well on say 30ish sts across of chunky yarn? Crochet or knit..

Thanks all for the commentary on Saranac - both Knitty and Bloggy folk had much to say - and I'm surprised I even had any visitors after my long absence!

Looks like the Knitsmiths yarn swap will be Oct 30 here at mi casa - maybe pumpkin beers and mulled wine will be the most appropriate given the pre-halloween date. We'll see.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Finally, me and my knitting nemesis can part ways. It's been a few months, but in the end I think it was worth it.. It's Knitty's Saranac pattern, but done in Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran, with some Cascade 220 for trim at the sleeves & neck. We celebrated the Giving Of The Sweater with something I'll call a Saranac (ha - named a drink!) really a cape codder by any other name.

cranberry juice, soda water & lime - w/ some Absolut fresh from the freezer.

He needed it after a hard afternoon with the ladies. Seems there was a big nail polish incident.


Here's hubby doing the obligatory ta da shot:

Sideways, of course because I still can't remember to rotate these things.

And now here he is in his natural habitat - on the sofa, watching football. The cow puppet isn't part of his setup - that's Zoe's.

Monday, September 05, 2005

What seems appropriate for a yarnswap cocktail?

Stitch marker on the stirrer.
Some yarn tied around the base of the glass.
Dipped in Kool Aid around the rim (for you dyers..)

Am getting the Mr Bostons out to see what it's inside, but looking for any ideas....
Dava - I think it was you? Threw out the idea and now the wheels are turning!

Might make my own up if Mr Bostons doesn't inspire.
Any comments on what it should contain?
Most my ideas so far concern presentation, not substance!


But am leaning towards a punch - just like the swap, a bunch of different stuff all mixed together. What kind of punch depends on the day -- a hot day, maybe that sherbert/champagne kind. Not so hot, sangria or something else....
Well it's been a bit. Have been knitting, I promise. In fact, knitting more when not surfing the web - funny how that works...

But have been knitting in navy blue and black. Neither photographs well, so really, why go through the effort?

But trust me, almost done.

The Husband sweater is finally chugging along. Up to the neck, and almost ready to begin a V (he's decided he doesn't want the Saranac neck, so I'm off on my own again. Must figure out some math and am putting THAT off for a few) Have a half a skein left of my dark denim and have ordered a couple more from the knitting garden. So the yarn saga continues.

The DB Denim Cotton is beautiful to work with though - am happy to think so on my 2osomethingish row of 430 stitches around... He's going to love the thing once done. It's soft and drapey and looks wonderful in the garter rib. Don't think I've ever loved/hated a project so much yet!

I'll make him pose in the final product for a blogshot and you (again, whoever YOU are) can tell me if it's worth the journey ---- and the 200 bucks..

My other project is the Rowan Cork cabled cardigan - Maggie? Why are they all named like people? In black. Has the potential to be my favorite fall sweater, so am excited to be cruising along on it. Only one week in and already have the back done and half one side - makes me want to do more and more and more cables...

Hopefully the Aurora 8 will arrive soon and I can satisfy that itch with my Vogue sweater soon. Mmmmm.

Besides the non photographing projects, have many other valid excuses for the blog blip - Hanging out with the family, read Harry Potter 6 (well worth the time!) and went on a few end of summer excursions - to visit friends in CT and on the Cape, had guests here and are scurrying around Target for back to school basics... just a few more days and back to 1st grade!!!!!

Anyways, will sign off for now - give me a week and I'll get the Saranac done - will move onto a fabulous photogenic project!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Not usually - but hey.

This is more like it.

Baby girl asleep.
Big girl at camp.

and me... knitting on the deck in the shade.

Most importantly, knitting with the right color yarn this time. Got both sleeves in the works and on a clip but then..

Couldn't help myself - went inside and chowed down a bag of Chex Mix. I bought a Costco case of it for my daughter's school and camp, and can't seem to keep my mitts off the stuff. Unfortunately theres about 48 bags left. I'll try and make sure the kids get a few.

All that salty goodness makes you extra thirsty.

So I went inside to make a drink. Don't worry it's not a cocktail - would be persona non grata on the playground if I couldn't wait till afternoon for one of those. (at least on a weekday, when hanging out alone) Am already shunned enough - as some of you know...

But doesn't it look pretty?

Cherry cider and seltzer w/ lime. Although I have had it with vodka, pretty good. Hubby likes it with Rum - he swears all fruit juice goes with rum (not so sure of that myself - he ruined a perfectly tasty peach and banana smoothie a week ago...), and my friend Stephanie thinks this goes w/ gin. So pick your poison - the Cherry Cider is from Trader Joes and it's amazing.

Anyways, the above scenario lasted almost two hours - unheard of around here - until the construction truck pulled in to our neighbors yard and Zoe woke up.

And as if all that wasn't great enough, I now have these:

Koigu like goodness from Ebay. What to make of em if you don't do socks? Any suggestions? Mabye mittens?