Thursday, June 16, 2005

Whooda thought it was possible?

But it is.... Ok, I've made 'em with gin or vodka, I've made em w/ lime, I've made 'em with lemon, I've even made 'em with orange (mmmm). But we have a winner - the Vodka Tonic with lime AND orange.

Now all I need is hot weather again, so I can be properly refreshed by my perfect tonic. It's damn cold again. Not sure what the hell is going on here in NE this summer. Cold, then freaking hot, then cold again. No spring, no 70s, no breaks for us this year!

So anyways, you make it like a regular tonic - 2 oz vodka, ice , take one lime, smush it and get all the juice in the drink, and then add a slpash of OJ. Fill the rest of the glass with tonic water - didn't have fresh oranges, but will do that next time. For now, about 2 oz did the trick. MMMM. If you use small glasses, you might want to use less vodka (or maybe not, depending on what you're going to do the rest of the afternoon (or morning, as who am I to judge??)

Next, what to make with pear nectar? I was given a bottle as a "challenge" - we'll see what we come up with. Still have many limes, but not sure that goes together so well.
lime and pear? Hmm. Stay tuned.

As for knitting, still having knitter's block. Have a few things arriving in the mail, am hoping something will inspire me. Got two swaps last week that are great, but didn't feel like knitting with either yet. In the meantime am doing lots of swatching, waiting for my crochet book to arrive, and trying out different tank top yarn candidates - but gave the finished Booga to my friend, who loved it (that always feels so good! )

Should have edited it clockwise before posting, but hey, you can see what it looks like just fine - tilt your head. Or make a vodka tonic, it might look just fine....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I went to Knitty and clicked on my profile to make sure I had the right link in there - and realize I'd screwed up - All this time (what, 3 days? OK, not that long) I'd been thinking no one had even seen my blog, but what I'd done was put some funky link in there, so I had gotten a few comments (thank you guys!) but never managed to see 'em because they only existed on the mucked up version I'd posted on Knitty. Then, 10 minutes later, realize not a mucked up version at all - just never saw the little comments lines on the bottom here.

Ah yes, send ME back into the work world...

Anyways, a link to my fabulous knitting group and my latest FO - just scroll down the middle, each week they post what we brought in on Sunday and my little masterpiece is just a little down - but isn't Gina's top amazing??? But I require a bra, so no cool backless numbers for me ---

Still not sure what the next project will be - having knitters block - too many patterns, too much yarn, no idea what to pick up next. I've ordered two crochet books and have a vision of a tank top with granny squares or some cool crochet detail about 3'4" high around the bottom of it. Have no pattern, but might fudge it up. Have great yarn though - an off white body and a cranberry, dark greyish purple and light grayish purple for the crochet. Might use Knit Girls tank and just make it shorter, plus change the gauge - could really fuck it up with all those alterations to the pattern!!

So have used nap time judiciously - fixed the link, felted Booga, swatched the white for above tank, set Booga to dry with a few oatmeal boxes and some Costco Deodorant packs for size, checked Knitty and my email, caught a little "Fraiser", and straightened my hair - have a new haircut which has looked like SHIT all week thanks to the weather - I know the straight hair will last all of 10 minutes, but it made me feel better - I get big fuzzy hair - and now have to feed the newly woken baby. Will post later, time for cocktails this afternoon - my husband has a class tonight and it's just us girls....

Monday, June 13, 2005

Well figured out what to do next - am making a booga for a friend - as a thank you - who's given me tons and tons of yarn - I'm liking the way it looks, still have the 5-6 feet of i cord to go (ugh), but will try and manage that tomorrow! If only I could figure out how to post the photos, I'd show you what it's looking like, but apparently that will have to wait another day or so. For now, here's the link:

In the knitting void, I have managed to acquire a whole bunch of NEW YARN - as if I need it - got some chunky cashmerino from Wild and Wooly and then went to A Good Yarn and took advantage of the sale still going on there - got some great stuff that will go well with some of the free yarn I already have as well as an old pattern book with some great stuff in it - and then got home to receive two boxes in swap from Knitty Swaps - I took ALL my yarn out and spread it on the floor and took a good look, decided I like what I have now, have managed to swap out all the dregs and unknittables for the time being (except the ones that remained unclaimed on the swap board...) and will now cease all acquisitions for a bit - see if that works... hmmm.

In the meantime, here's the cooool noro I got to go with my Kool Aid dyed red worsted - not sure what it'll be yet, but they do look groovy together:

Anyways, off to bed. Had a crazy day with hot, miserable baby and will have an extra kid tomorrow morning from 7am till 9ish. Stay at home Mom fun! No drinks to post today - stuck with raspberry seltzer and white grape juice - too damn hot for anything else.

I took a big stash shot, will also try and put that up tomorrow - hmm. again, will link to my yahoo pic for now....

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Am messing around now seeing if I can post a photo - was playing with my kids in the yard and noticed they had matching (kind of) outfits and no dirt or boogers on 'em so I shot a whole bunch of digital photos - now we'll see if I can manage to post one --- if so it'll open a door to a whole new world here online:

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hi all. (as if anyone even knows this exists..)

Am in a knitting funk, have no idea what to begin next and it's way to damn hot to even touch most the stuff in my stash, so figured I'd get myself a blog. Have been threatening to for a bit - this way I can put all my stuff out there and tell myself people will look and care - for now, my friends tolerate my knitting and crocheting rants quite politely, but really - no one understands the obsession like you (again assuming someone is actually reading here...) fellow knitters and most likely, knitty readers! Will soon get out the camera and begin adding relevant photos and info, but for now am going to explore around this site a bit.

It's dawning on me that anyone who does land here will be confused by babycocktails - so before anyone thinks I :

A. give drinks to kids
B. make drinks out of kids

explanation is really simple - I'm a stay at home Mom - used to have nice clothes, a current haircut, the big career, a social life, etc. Went out a lot (or I thought so...) then had kids.

With my first, we did the whole playdate, singalong merry go round. Now that I have a second, my friends and I get together for babycocktails. Babies play and we make drinks - not to get smashed (although we've been known to throw back more than one...) but to experiment with new and fabulous concoctions and make those long afternoons that much shorter! So with each blog entry, comes a drink recipe - at least I'll try to add em. If I start to run out, I'll add a recipe with each finished project...

So to start, our favorite new summer drink - we don't name 'em really - if you (again, whoever the hell YOU are - really am talking to myself at this point) ever have an idea for a name - or a drink - let me know - am open to ideas....

So here's the first drink - something we had this week when it was hotter than HELL out:

Pink grapefruit juice - amount depends on you
One lime smushed and squeezed in to a glass
Two teaspoons sweetened lime juice
2 oz freezer cold vodka
Lots of ice

Mmmm. Will post again soon and add photos when I figure out how. Have big plans for finished knitted stuff, crocheted stuff, work in progress and the obligatory stash shot. And maybe one or two of my kids, who I think are kind of cute.