Friday, June 10, 2005

Hi all. (as if anyone even knows this exists..)

Am in a knitting funk, have no idea what to begin next and it's way to damn hot to even touch most the stuff in my stash, so figured I'd get myself a blog. Have been threatening to for a bit - this way I can put all my stuff out there and tell myself people will look and care - for now, my friends tolerate my knitting and crocheting rants quite politely, but really - no one understands the obsession like you (again assuming someone is actually reading here...) fellow knitters and most likely, knitty readers! Will soon get out the camera and begin adding relevant photos and info, but for now am going to explore around this site a bit.

It's dawning on me that anyone who does land here will be confused by babycocktails - so before anyone thinks I :

A. give drinks to kids
B. make drinks out of kids

explanation is really simple - I'm a stay at home Mom - used to have nice clothes, a current haircut, the big career, a social life, etc. Went out a lot (or I thought so...) then had kids.

With my first, we did the whole playdate, singalong merry go round. Now that I have a second, my friends and I get together for babycocktails. Babies play and we make drinks - not to get smashed (although we've been known to throw back more than one...) but to experiment with new and fabulous concoctions and make those long afternoons that much shorter! So with each blog entry, comes a drink recipe - at least I'll try to add em. If I start to run out, I'll add a recipe with each finished project...

So to start, our favorite new summer drink - we don't name 'em really - if you (again, whoever the hell YOU are - really am talking to myself at this point) ever have an idea for a name - or a drink - let me know - am open to ideas....

So here's the first drink - something we had this week when it was hotter than HELL out:

Pink grapefruit juice - amount depends on you
One lime smushed and squeezed in to a glass
Two teaspoons sweetened lime juice
2 oz freezer cold vodka
Lots of ice

Mmmm. Will post again soon and add photos when I figure out how. Have big plans for finished knitted stuff, crocheted stuff, work in progress and the obligatory stash shot. And maybe one or two of my kids, who I think are kind of cute.


Dreamy said...

Hey! I like the idea of your babycocktails. Maybe you can post some pictures!

Faerynuff said...

I'll be having one of those this evening!

Ali said...


As usual, you are funny! I am thrilled to see you have a blog. LOVE the name. You are cute.

Love, Ali

ps...wasn't it nice to see you weren't talking to yourself.

strangelittlemama said...

oh yeah, you are my kind of mom! I'll be adding you to my bloglines for sure.

mf said...

Thea your too funny!!! I have 2 kids too maybe you should head down this way to a 'cooler' yard and a plastic blender which btw! I find NOT to be totally breakable!
Don't get me wrong cooler I mean temps ona good day 50 mintues maybe if you drive like a true yankee MA driver of course,, ya know 80 MPH was the flow of traffic up that way yesterday! ;o))) this must be because of allthe Dunkins around they have HIGH test now!!!!

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

My husband added lime juice last night to a greyhound, so thanks for your recipe, and thanks for posting to the knitting board, replying to my question re: knitting books.