Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I went to Knitty and clicked on my profile to make sure I had the right link in there - and realize I'd screwed up - All this time (what, 3 days? OK, not that long) I'd been thinking no one had even seen my blog, but what I'd done was put some funky link in there, so I had gotten a few comments (thank you guys!) but never managed to see 'em because they only existed on the mucked up version I'd posted on Knitty. Then, 10 minutes later, realize not a mucked up version at all - just never saw the little comments lines on the bottom here.

Ah yes, send ME back into the work world...

Anyways, a link to my fabulous knitting group and my latest FO - just scroll down the middle, each week they post what we brought in on Sunday and my little masterpiece is just a little down - but isn't Gina's top amazing??? But I require a bra, so no cool backless numbers for me ---

Still not sure what the next project will be - having knitters block - too many patterns, too much yarn, no idea what to pick up next. I've ordered two crochet books and have a vision of a tank top with granny squares or some cool crochet detail about 3'4" high around the bottom of it. Have no pattern, but might fudge it up. Have great yarn though - an off white body and a cranberry, dark greyish purple and light grayish purple for the crochet. Might use Knit Girls tank and just make it shorter, plus change the gauge - could really fuck it up with all those alterations to the pattern!!

So have used nap time judiciously - fixed the link, felted Booga, swatched the white for above tank, set Booga to dry with a few oatmeal boxes and some Costco Deodorant packs for size, checked Knitty and my email, caught a little "Fraiser", and straightened my hair - have a new haircut which has looked like SHIT all week thanks to the weather - I know the straight hair will last all of 10 minutes, but it made me feel better - I get big fuzzy hair - and now have to feed the newly woken baby. Will post later, time for cocktails this afternoon - my husband has a class tonight and it's just us girls....