Monday, June 13, 2005

Well figured out what to do next - am making a booga for a friend - as a thank you - who's given me tons and tons of yarn - I'm liking the way it looks, still have the 5-6 feet of i cord to go (ugh), but will try and manage that tomorrow! If only I could figure out how to post the photos, I'd show you what it's looking like, but apparently that will have to wait another day or so. For now, here's the link:

In the knitting void, I have managed to acquire a whole bunch of NEW YARN - as if I need it - got some chunky cashmerino from Wild and Wooly and then went to A Good Yarn and took advantage of the sale still going on there - got some great stuff that will go well with some of the free yarn I already have as well as an old pattern book with some great stuff in it - and then got home to receive two boxes in swap from Knitty Swaps - I took ALL my yarn out and spread it on the floor and took a good look, decided I like what I have now, have managed to swap out all the dregs and unknittables for the time being (except the ones that remained unclaimed on the swap board...) and will now cease all acquisitions for a bit - see if that works... hmmm.

In the meantime, here's the cooool noro I got to go with my Kool Aid dyed red worsted - not sure what it'll be yet, but they do look groovy together:

Anyways, off to bed. Had a crazy day with hot, miserable baby and will have an extra kid tomorrow morning from 7am till 9ish. Stay at home Mom fun! No drinks to post today - stuck with raspberry seltzer and white grape juice - too damn hot for anything else.

I took a big stash shot, will also try and put that up tomorrow - hmm. again, will link to my yahoo pic for now....


alison said...

Hiya! Nice stash - wink, wink.

So what's the problem with the images. Do you know what tags you need to use?? Have you tried just using a regular image tag:

Open bracket then img src="put the link you've got on your page already here" then close bracket