Thursday, July 21, 2005

Well I've managed to beg, borrow, frog and swap for the above felting stash! Am pretty proud of myself - and owe Wyldeyez and Pumpkinseed from the Knittyboard big thank yous for their contributions. As always, the knittyfolk are a generous and amazing bunch of ladies.

Am ready to sit down and begin my bags - a batch by fall. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So - finally got the photos of my crazy Noro Poncho and my easy easy easy easy easy shawl - am done fighting with my reflection in the mirror and patio door, so here's what happens when my daughter takes a photo:

Keep in mind it took almost 20 minutes to get this gem. I have a few lovely shots of my shorts, my neck and head, my left hand and the TV. I'll spare you the upload time.

I do like the shape of the thing (shawl, not photo) It drapes and falls in the right places and is just long enough to tie - and it was the easiest thing I think I've knit since my first scarf. Start with 3 sts and increase one on each side every row till you bind off. It's actually my step mother in law's recipe - she's been knitting the things and selling 'em in rural CT apparently. Big hit.

And here's what happens when I ask my husband to step in and take the shot for me while my daughter pouts and whines in the background: Note my strained smile...

Ah well. For a close up of the yarn, see a few blog entries back. It's kind of cool - ribbon and cotton mixed in greens blues & purples - Artfibers SF does it again - they have such cool stuff.

And now, here's the Noro Lily poncho I mentioned a few days ago, don't know if the photo does the crazy colors justice, but I love 'em. They look pretty muted here. They aren't so much. Lumay, who gave me the yarn in a swap, had originally described it as what it would look like if a clown on acid threw up. I'm thinking she's pretty on target. Not something we'll wear mid winter with a pasty Boston complexion...

In this shot, the kids are asleep, so my smile is much more real. Have again used husband as photographer. He was kind enough to point out to me that my camera has a self timer option. He was only minimally condescending while doing so. Actually he could barely keep from mocking me outright, but it's a known quantity around here that I'm a technical idiot. Go back to the fact I actually thought the digital camera was defunct when the charger was dead (which it really was) but really - I had never seen the little trap door at the bottom that said AA batteries. Whatever. Not a surprise I didn't know about the self timer. And yes, I do have the manual. Never read 'em. That's what my husband is FOR! Besides it makes him happy to tell me stuff like that...

The smile is also because I have a #9 on the table next to me, aaaah. No cocktails tonight, Magic Hat's done all the work. Back to the knitting. This was one of those big rectangles you attach together, so it can be straight across or have a triangle in front, side or back - with this fabulous outfit, I chose side.

And - as if I hadn't entertained you enough already with this blog entry full o photos - another follows. My Knitty Man Sweater in Debbie Bliss - a little boring as time goes on, but a cool manly yarn and pattern. I'm going to change the whole neckline around, so stay tuned for when I really fuck it up and begin frogging (and asking for advice...) probably another week till then!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The owner of the house on the Vineyard is my babycocktail partner - so how can I not add a new drink to the blog? She'd be quite unimpressed with me for forgetting.

The latest is a No 9 (like the beer)

Take one little can o apricot nectar
3 oz vodka
& mix
pour into big glasses (2) and add lime seltzer
smush half a real lime into each.
If you want it sweeter, add a splash of Rose's Lime

Great for after a hot day on the beach - and kind of goes with No9 beers.
Or does after you have one anyways....and who should be mixing their vodka drinks with beers?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

So THIS (oooo aaaah) is where we spent the last couple of days. It's a friend's place of Martha's Vineyard - hidden in the woods, bordering conservation land and complete with great private beach and outdoor shower. Mmmm. Went to visit for a day, and stayed longer. It was great. Am now thinking seriously about how to make millions so I can have a pad like this for my own. Haven't cracked that particular nut yet, but give me time. As for knitting, I only did a little i cord for my cotton tank - barely had any time to take out any projects!

But at least the knitting block is over. Have two small finished projects and the tank pictured a few entries back is almost done. I was stumped on the straps and flowers, but Colleen from knitsmiths helped me figure it out. Now I'm only a short few stitches from what could be a pretty cool garment. Will post a photo when done. Also got going on a man-sweater for my hubby. One of the new Knitty Patterns. It's a soft cotton, so not too bad for summer knitting. Also will post a photo when it's interesting enough to share. For now, it's just ribbing in the round - navy blue ribbing in the round. Yawn. But he loves it and that's what matters...

I managed to finish a small poncho made of Noro Lily. Either you'll love the colors or hate 'em. I kind of love 'em. The yarn itself is extra soft and comfy. And I have bright green macrame wedge(they look better than they sound) heels that go pretty well with it. I wore it out to dinner the other night with neutral colors and if I say so myself, it was pretty OK. Wouldn't wear it with any other patterns or colors though - people'd get dizzy.

But - how do you even TAKE a photo of yourself? Here are two attempts, one in which I have about three chins from leaning back, and another that's a reflection of me in the patio door, completely distorted and you can barely see the poncho. The patio door was the only place the flash didn't obscure my whole image in a mirror. Next time I'll get one of my kids to take a shot - even if they do cut off my head, it'll be an improvement over these lovelies --

Well, looks like I already edited myself. Poncho photos deleted off the desktop. Will try again tomorrow. Perhaps by then, I'll have a photo of the tank as well!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

So I thought I'd probably be a little lame with this, but not THIS lame. Have not managed to post in how long?

The knitting has been at a slow chug, however the cocktails aren't seeming to suffer. Still in a vodka and gin phase - the pink lemonade, lime and either is hard to beat. On a hot day, add a little seltzer! Mmmmm. Also having a few shandies - half beer, half lemonade. Nice while doing gardening in the heat. Got a little thermos-y thing to bring a few of the above to our local swimming beach some afternoon - will be awesome!

But my babycocktail partner (let's call her G) is now away till the end of July - am distraught, understandably. Must find another sympathetic local Mom to share afternoon treats with till G returns....

Anyways, have been very distracted with yarn gathering - between some local sales at my LYSs, ebay, and the knitty board I've used up my knitting time and/or blogging time getting yarn - has been pretty fruitful, but now I have to get going and make some stuff to justify the time and energy (not to mention $$) spent!

So, started a couple of things - a tank from Katia 44 (which I didn't even know was Katia 44 until poor Tesoro went looking for it...). It's a pretty simple tank, but has a cool bind off - invisible, and you use a needle to "sew" it instead of knitting it. It also has a bunch of crocheted flowers for straps - kind of different and summery. Am now on the straps.

See below - not sure if I want to introduce a second color on the flowers or not...

I've also been working on a little shawl out of a beautiful yarn my Mom brought me from SF - the artfibers store there has some amazing stuff - I already finished the tangled roses purse out of their Tesla yarn - this one is a mix of ribbon and cotton in really cool colors - think I can use it as a wrap if I ever go anywhere dressy again....

So that's the latest from here - have a few other summer batches of yarn, but not sure what to make of 'em yet - any ideas? email me.

I've tried to swap the linen a few times, but it's looking like I'm meant to own it, so.. a shawl? Trim on another tank? It's pretty fine, lace would work well but I can't do lace - or haven't really tried. For now, will keep busy with crocheted flowers and see what comes up