Sunday, July 17, 2005

So THIS (oooo aaaah) is where we spent the last couple of days. It's a friend's place of Martha's Vineyard - hidden in the woods, bordering conservation land and complete with great private beach and outdoor shower. Mmmm. Went to visit for a day, and stayed longer. It was great. Am now thinking seriously about how to make millions so I can have a pad like this for my own. Haven't cracked that particular nut yet, but give me time. As for knitting, I only did a little i cord for my cotton tank - barely had any time to take out any projects!

But at least the knitting block is over. Have two small finished projects and the tank pictured a few entries back is almost done. I was stumped on the straps and flowers, but Colleen from knitsmiths helped me figure it out. Now I'm only a short few stitches from what could be a pretty cool garment. Will post a photo when done. Also got going on a man-sweater for my hubby. One of the new Knitty Patterns. It's a soft cotton, so not too bad for summer knitting. Also will post a photo when it's interesting enough to share. For now, it's just ribbing in the round - navy blue ribbing in the round. Yawn. But he loves it and that's what matters...

I managed to finish a small poncho made of Noro Lily. Either you'll love the colors or hate 'em. I kind of love 'em. The yarn itself is extra soft and comfy. And I have bright green macrame wedge(they look better than they sound) heels that go pretty well with it. I wore it out to dinner the other night with neutral colors and if I say so myself, it was pretty OK. Wouldn't wear it with any other patterns or colors though - people'd get dizzy.

But - how do you even TAKE a photo of yourself? Here are two attempts, one in which I have about three chins from leaning back, and another that's a reflection of me in the patio door, completely distorted and you can barely see the poncho. The patio door was the only place the flash didn't obscure my whole image in a mirror. Next time I'll get one of my kids to take a shot - even if they do cut off my head, it'll be an improvement over these lovelies --

Well, looks like I already edited myself. Poncho photos deleted off the desktop. Will try again tomorrow. Perhaps by then, I'll have a photo of the tank as well!


Caro :-) said...

Where'd you get your macrame wedges - though sound fab!

Carolyne :) - not a surprise I like the wedges huh?!