Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Having just said I have about 100 projects in the hopper, I pick up Vogue Knitting for Fall and here's my new Holy Grail - purple cabley cropped sweater.

I must make it, only which project will fall back in the line to make room?

And of course, I own no appropriate yarn. Must get more.

Am thinking the alpaca batches move on back. Maybe I trade 'em for this stuff.

Will see.


Colleen said...

Negotiations with WIPs can be so sticky, no?

Katie said...

I liked several things in that issue - also the Fair Isle shawl, the Debbie Bliss cardigan, and, though I think it would look silly on me, the Annie Modesitt jacket on the cover. I just went to Windsor Button at lunch though for yarn for Jenna Adorno's Hopeful - maybe I can finish it while the weather is still warm.