Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So, some more bags. I'm almost done and gotta say, am glad to be. If these puppies sell, I might make a few more over the year, but am not going to be turning this into some cottage business. Am so ready to work on the projects I have in the wings - and am soooo bored by the feel of the felting yarns. Thick and scratchy. Not my thing. But having said the above, I'm pretty happy with the below. The one on ring handles is only pinned in place, still have to sew it up. The purple one has long straps like a messenger bag and goes over your shoulder crossways, which I am digging....

Otherwise, have acquired another batch of stuff - three packages of handspun and handdyed from ebay. Here's the first bunch. Love the grape colored stuff, not sure what it should be. It's chunky but really soft.

Must thin the stash as my trunk doesn't close now. Have so many projects to begin and so much yarn and am going nowhere fast! I'm afraid my gathering tendencies have not only caught up with my knitting, but have vastly outdistanced me.

There's the black Rowan Cork waiting to be made into some fabulous everyday sweater, the navy blue with pink flecks Jo Sharp Aran Tweed which will be an amazing cardigan, the blue Allagash that's about to be a long duster sweater from Rowan Biggy, and now there is a fabulous bag of hot pink Cascade begging to be matching aran sweaters for my girls.

Two batches of DK weight alpaca - one white and one lt blue, tagged for aran style sweaters from Rebecca (white) and from Rowan (blue) but not as high up on the list. Threee skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino waiting to become a hat and scarf set, some really cool vareigated bulky pink stuff for the girls' winter hats. Kool Aid dyed red and purple yarn, enough for a sweater of each, but what?

And of course, the Knitty Saranac I've begun for my husband that's slowly taking form between bags. That's the stuff with purpose - the lucky ones, I guess. The rest of the trunk is begging to be noticed, still worth keeping, not exactly up to the A list yet. What to do?

To top it off, a cruel tease - an email from Brookline - everything is now 75% off! The urge is there, but I'll stay here for now. Luckily the little one is napping - when she gets up, rush hour will keep me in Arlington.

Will thin the stash soon, am hoping for a knitsmith swap soon to get rid of stuff. Actually writing the above list was really helpful! Who knew? Maybe I have a handle on it all now - at least I know where some of it is going...

Must do a few things before we go out and Zoe awakes, new Vogue Knitting awaits, being held for me at my LYS. Can't wait to get my paws on it and leaf through... will poke her if she doesnt' wake up in time.

No cocktails till after - then I'm thinking the gin and tonic w/ orange juice and lime. Way hot here. Lots of ice. Lots of ice.

PS - Hickmama, am not able to email you back - but yes, always a Barbie Hot Tub party here at our place. Actually it varies, hot tub one day, beach the next, bath house (??) sometimes, or indoor pool. Those Barbies have quite a life - really though, the few Kens that keep our hundred Barbies happy are the lucky ones...


Bethany said...


No need to email.

Lucky Kens indeed! The Barbies are having a fine summer, it sounds like. 8^)