Thursday, August 18, 2005


Am a little less riled up today. But still bitter - how could I not have checked my yarn bag?.

Started sleeve 2, since I have one more skein of the right stuff, that's pretty much all I can do for now. Here's a shot of the sweater w/ the different skeins - the one with the label is the right stuff, the other the wrong stuff. See? subtle, but different enough.

But we have a plan.

If my swap and yarn store pleas don't work out, we'll do a little navy stripe at the chest to divide the lighter blue from the darker. It's pretty subtle, so with the stripe, you might not really notice --- or if you do, it could look intentional. And that stripe just might make my hubby look "fresh from the gym" buff. (For those of you who know Craig, no smirking). For those of you who don't know my guy, I think I weigh more than him....

Am playing with my amazing Jo Sharp Silkroad in Serpentine - soon to be a cardigan yet undesigned. Am doing a hodgepodge of my own making - using the Queensland Collection cardi here as a base for size and adding... maybe cables? maybe a little lace? Definitely a new collar, and a shorter length. No belt.

Gotta remember to rotate those photos. Can you see the yarn? It's gorgeous - dark blue with pink and gray and teal flecks. And soooo soft. Mmmmm. Makes me forget. Or is that the drink?

No, really - have not yet had the drink.

Just put the kids to bed. A week at the beach is wearing them down.

Tomorrow is our last day of the swim lessons at the beach marathon - and we are a tan and exhausted threesome. People don't seem to approve of a tan baby, but I SWEAR, she's been sunscreened! That's what 7 hours straight in the sun does to you - especially times 9 days.

Anways, nice center justification - looks like an invitation to something. But isn't. Off to make that drink. Am thinking something easy and refreshing - wake me up so I can knit.

Vodka Tonic w/ Lime and Orange Juice.



Colleen said...

Vodka tonic w/lime and orange juice? Sounds heavenly.

I don't know that Queensland Cardi, but I like it. I sure do like it.