Friday, August 05, 2005

get the blender out. It's worth it!

There were two of us, so we only used about half the pint. Didn't pay a lot of attention to the exact amounts, just poured and tasted - a little too sweet, so we added the lime.

Had big plans for other mixed juices to add, other spirits to add, the whole science experiment ready to go, but honestly, the mango's kind of a stand alone fruit.

And it's begging for basic, unflavored, rum. Didn't need much help. The only other thing I would have added if we had it was mint - some leaves ground up in the mortar and pestle and added would have been really nice - almost mojito-y.

So, make your own portions up...

Mango Sorbet
Vanilla Yogurt
Ice cubes

Was going to take a shot of the drink in the glass - but wouldn't you know it, they were gone too fast! Enjoy.....