Friday, August 05, 2005

OK, finshed the katia tank - didn't go with the original three flowers per shoulder, it was a little too much, but the two variegated straps off one flower worked pretty well. And I love the invisible bind off the pattern uses on the ribbed neck. Am pretty happy with this - it also has fitted shaping which you can't see here, but it fits like a glove - a nice, loose glove, which is a good thing - so thanks to Colleen from Knitsmiths for the idea a few Sundays ago - it took me a bit, but ta da!

And here's a question. My oh-so-nice neighbor just returned from a long trip to Switzerland, and in Thanks for watching her menagerie of pets - birds, rabbit, and fish - and mail, etc. she had a bag o yarn for me (plus flowers - plus chocolates mmmmm)

There are a few things here

1. Big cone of red cotton - kind of mercerized, I think it'll be a great tank for next summer.

2. Big cone of deep blue mohair or alpaca lace weight stuff.

3. Gi-normus cone of off white mohair or alpaca lace weight stuff.

4. Big bag of cotton "spaghetti" apparently. It reminds me of the Pachuko Organic cotton stuff and the blue and taupe colors are pretty nice. Might get that pattern for the cable tank from IK and knit one up - or maybe something else, not sure what.

So here's the question - how can I find out what the cones of lace weight stuff are? They say made in Peru on the label, plus a few other things I'm guessing on. Anyone can tell me if I'm right/wrong or send me in the right direction??

This is exactly what' s on the labels on the insides of the blue and white cones:

Michel & CIA Sa

Cal: FS

Tit: 2/10

Col: I'm guessing this one is color (duh)

Lot: I can figure out that one myself too (duh)

And can you take a cone to your LYS and have 'em wind it on a winder? Do they usually charge for that? I'm wondering how much of this stuff I have!



Colleen said...

Ta da, indeed! It looks great, and I deserve NO credit. It's all you bay-bee! I hope that you'll be wearing at Knitsmiths.

As far as identifying fibers, there is a way to do that using bleach, and also using a match (separately). If it's from Peru it's probably some type of wool. Could you bring that to Knitsmiths also?

See you Sunday!

Bethany said...


I like the bucket o' Barbies in the photo. It kind of looks like they're having a hot tub party. 8^)

Faerynuff said...

I love that tank, it looks beautiful!