Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Well, I'm wearing it right now with two sleeves, but here's a pic of it this afternoon with one sleeve. In the end, not loving the Cork yarn - very spongy,- for lack of a better word.
The sweater is definitely one of those that will kind of stretch out over time and lose some shape. Also, you can't REALLY see, but I did a sloppy job on the seaming. Not my best moment, but it's done and wearable. Two people so far haven't noticed the shoddy workmanship.
Or the safety pins instead of buttons for that matter, so maybe I should question their judgement. Off to find buttons tomorrow.
But overall, comfy and not itchy, a fast knit. The pattern itself was fun - some cables, some ribs. A 26 row repeat, so you don't get bored. I changed the neckline and made it all moss stitch, with a few rows of a Koigu variegated purple around the edge a few rows in.

And next, 14 skeins of bright purple Aurora 8.

Not fully sure I'm up for the challenge yet.

Might felt a bag or do a hat first. Am thinking of the seventies shawl from SnB Nation as well.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Just have to assemble my version of the Rowan Cork cabled cardigan - did a different collar than they called for - and will have two finished sweaters in one week. Almost too much to ask for. Stay tuned, am expecting something photo worthy (or at least photo finished) in the next day or so. Still not sure how well the black will show up, but hey.

Am all ready to begin the Vogue Knitting purple cropped cabled number, but think I'll take a short sweater break before jumping in the fray again. Have beeee you ti ful purple Aurora 8 for that one - will post a teaser shot soon. It's kinda bright - right up my alley.

Have DB Cashmerino Chunky and wanted to do a leaves like lace number with it. Had a great pattern from a past Vogue but think theres a mistake in it and can't get it right. Must be THEM, not ME right??

Just a chunky scarf, something quick and gratifying. Anyone know a great easy lace pattern that would work well on say 30ish sts across of chunky yarn? Crochet or knit..

Thanks all for the commentary on Saranac - both Knitty and Bloggy folk had much to say - and I'm surprised I even had any visitors after my long absence!

Looks like the Knitsmiths yarn swap will be Oct 30 here at mi casa - maybe pumpkin beers and mulled wine will be the most appropriate given the pre-halloween date. We'll see.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Finally, me and my knitting nemesis can part ways. It's been a few months, but in the end I think it was worth it.. It's Knitty's Saranac pattern, but done in Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim Aran, with some Cascade 220 for trim at the sleeves & neck. We celebrated the Giving Of The Sweater with something I'll call a Saranac (ha - named a drink!) really a cape codder by any other name.

cranberry juice, soda water & lime - w/ some Absolut fresh from the freezer.

He needed it after a hard afternoon with the ladies. Seems there was a big nail polish incident.


Here's hubby doing the obligatory ta da shot:

Sideways, of course because I still can't remember to rotate these things.

And now here he is in his natural habitat - on the sofa, watching football. The cow puppet isn't part of his setup - that's Zoe's.

Monday, September 05, 2005

What seems appropriate for a yarnswap cocktail?

Stitch marker on the stirrer.
Some yarn tied around the base of the glass.
Dipped in Kool Aid around the rim (for you dyers..)

Am getting the Mr Bostons out to see what it's inside, but looking for any ideas....
Dava - I think it was you? Threw out the idea and now the wheels are turning!

Might make my own up if Mr Bostons doesn't inspire.
Any comments on what it should contain?
Most my ideas so far concern presentation, not substance!


But am leaning towards a punch - just like the swap, a bunch of different stuff all mixed together. What kind of punch depends on the day -- a hot day, maybe that sherbert/champagne kind. Not so hot, sangria or something else....
Well it's been a bit. Have been knitting, I promise. In fact, knitting more when not surfing the web - funny how that works...

But have been knitting in navy blue and black. Neither photographs well, so really, why go through the effort?

But trust me, almost done.

The Husband sweater is finally chugging along. Up to the neck, and almost ready to begin a V (he's decided he doesn't want the Saranac neck, so I'm off on my own again. Must figure out some math and am putting THAT off for a few) Have a half a skein left of my dark denim and have ordered a couple more from the knitting garden. So the yarn saga continues.

The DB Denim Cotton is beautiful to work with though - am happy to think so on my 2osomethingish row of 430 stitches around... He's going to love the thing once done. It's soft and drapey and looks wonderful in the garter rib. Don't think I've ever loved/hated a project so much yet!

I'll make him pose in the final product for a blogshot and you (again, whoever YOU are) can tell me if it's worth the journey ---- and the 200 bucks..

My other project is the Rowan Cork cabled cardigan - Maggie? Why are they all named like people? In black. Has the potential to be my favorite fall sweater, so am excited to be cruising along on it. Only one week in and already have the back done and half one side - makes me want to do more and more and more cables...

Hopefully the Aurora 8 will arrive soon and I can satisfy that itch with my Vogue sweater soon. Mmmmm.

Besides the non photographing projects, have many other valid excuses for the blog blip - Hanging out with the family, read Harry Potter 6 (well worth the time!) and went on a few end of summer excursions - to visit friends in CT and on the Cape, had guests here and are scurrying around Target for back to school basics... just a few more days and back to 1st grade!!!!!

Anyways, will sign off for now - give me a week and I'll get the Saranac done - will move onto a fabulous photogenic project!