Monday, September 05, 2005

What seems appropriate for a yarnswap cocktail?

Stitch marker on the stirrer.
Some yarn tied around the base of the glass.
Dipped in Kool Aid around the rim (for you dyers..)

Am getting the Mr Bostons out to see what it's inside, but looking for any ideas....
Dava - I think it was you? Threw out the idea and now the wheels are turning!

Might make my own up if Mr Bostons doesn't inspire.
Any comments on what it should contain?
Most my ideas so far concern presentation, not substance!


But am leaning towards a punch - just like the swap, a bunch of different stuff all mixed together. What kind of punch depends on the day -- a hot day, maybe that sherbert/champagne kind. Not so hot, sangria or something else....


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