Friday, October 14, 2005

First, we decorated the house for Halloween. Here are the front doors. Maya and her buddies like to "try on" the eyes.

Think my front doors need painting?

And like the chicken wire glass?

Blame the previous owner.

We have him to thank for many questionable design touches throughout.

Then I found baseball buttons for my little stashbusting baby sweater.

Then I finished my lace scarf out of DB Cashmerino Chunky. I used a pattern from Vogue Knitting Winter 2003/2004. Fallen Leaves or something like that. It was big and orange and chunky in the mag - and had a few mistakes in the pattern. Had to check the website for the correct version! I am trying to do Marnie MacClean's nautilus hat to go with this, but keep messing up so far... Anyone make that and have advice on the counting??

Lastly, am busy making a cardigan from Miss Bea's Playground for Zoe. Using Cascade Sierra in hot pink.. This photo is a few days old. Am done with both sleeves now and on the back. Doing the sleeves first is fab! Getting used to the pattern and getting some early gratification!

Again, no cocktail. It's early.


Colleen said...

Don't paint those doors! Ruin original finish?!? Gah!