Saturday, October 01, 2005

have not yet photographed the finished cardi, but have finished with very plain black buttons and even worn it.

Instead, got waylaid by this:

I've made so many, but saved none for myself -- so here she is. My Bag. Sold my first one at the store and had a big brainstorm --- must begin wearing one around as advertising. Duh.

Next up, something with little to no shaping - poncho for Maya - check out the crazy yarn. It's my six year old's bestest bestest pick ever... I actually think it will be the grooviest poncho on the playground!

oops - photo to follow (hows that for a teaser??...)

And to drink, well it was a long day apple picking and not in the mood to make anything up. A little cool out too. Cabernet Sauvignon - a really cheap one we found by accident that's actually pretty good - Crane Lake 2002 Cab.

We usually look for new and not so bad $8 bottles as "house wine" around here - Ravenswood, Bogle, Blackstone, Rosemount, whatever looks interesting on sale at Costco or the Fresh Pond wine store - stuff to keep around when you don't want to spend $20 on a Tuesday night with your pizza.

But this one was 2 for $10 and recommended at Berman's in Lexington. Not bad. Give it a shot if you see it in the store.... kind of full and fruity. Need some cheese or olives!


Anonymous said...

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Colleen said...

Knitting and wine recommendations. Perfect!

(not so sure about the coins, though :-).)