Saturday, October 29, 2005

Zoe's Miss Beas sweater - it still needs a zipper and I'm thinking a bright orange or red or yellow - but other than that she's done. I loved this pattern and it was really well written, too. Especially for something by Rowan!

Had some brainless parts for conversation, some more intricate parts as well, enough to feel proud of myself. Miss Bea's Rainy Day. Awesome book.

Can't wait to do one more for my older girl from the same - She's already picked it out. I used Cascade Siena - it's not an exact match to the Rowan in the book, but I had it and with the girls, fit is less of an issue. This will fit next spring.... I think.

In the interest of getting ready to swap, I've been doing small project after small project - going through the stash really reminds you of all the stuff you meant to do! This was a hat of Noro Iro I had swapped this summer and had lying around. Loved the colors. Fudged the pattern - Turns out 64 stitches around is the right number for my head in this stuff.

I also did a few other hats and scarves, but they were claimed as gifts before any photos were taken - it always feels good when someone sees it on the counter and wants it! I actually am working on another of these in cream for a friend who saw this one and liked it - but doesn't look good in orange. The pattern is from a yarn store in Oakland CA - I loved it and have already made a few in the years I've had it. Knit on 35s - like turkey basters! 10 sts across - it's done in about two hours. Instant gratification. After the cream, one more in blue for another buddy and then I'm through my huge bulky yarn stash.

Ready to swap for more...

On the topic of swap - the Knitsmiths swap is here at my house tomorrow 10/30 - (not enough room at Booksmiths anymore for all of us on swap day) Any Boston area folks want to join?
Good stash, good company, good knitting. Last year I left with 10 sk of a beautiful Jaeger cotton, a bag of Kureyon, some great unidentified cottons in beautiful colors, and a cone of deep blue mohair! Note the absence of acrylic cheapo stuff...

Email me seperately and I can give you the info.

On the topic of cocktail, I found a Halloween punch - cider, seltzer, orange juice and rum. Pretty tasty.

And of course,

pumpkin beer.


zibibbo said...

Lovely work! Adorable sweater and mamamia the Noro is beautiful!

Elisabeth said...

Mmmmm, pumpkin beer! :-)

Thea said...

oh yes!
Post Road Brewing makes the best - give it a shot. Like pumpkin pie in a bottle!

Impossible Princess said...

that is a really cute sweater!