Sunday, October 30, 2005

Maya LOVES LOVES LOVES this scarf --- I think it was made by Alison, and came ready made in the bag. She actually snuggled it and hit the floor for a dance of joy when I gave it to her! Kudos to Dana who spied it as a potential Maya pleaser.

I have another shot that didn't come out of her doing the same with the pattern book Johanna so thoughtfully picked out for us. We both LOVE LOVE LOVE it - She's already picked out a few items she'll be needing for the winter season.

They are fabulous. Must get more groovy girly yarns and get going.

Thanks to all of you guys for coming out and bringing your great stuff - it was really nice to hang out and relax with all of you without bumping into movie renters for a change. And about those pumpkin muffins, polenta cookies, whoopie pie thingys and etc. - Mmmm.

Tune back in tomorrow for some yarn booty and knitting update type stuff. Or really, Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

No Thea, thank you! We had a blast, it was just great! Your home was a wonderful place to have a swap and, as always, I ended up with yarn I love!

Jofrog is Knitfrog

Katie said...

Thanks again Thea - it was great!