Monday, October 31, 2005

Here's what I walked away with (or upstairs, as the case may be)

Some beautiful variegated things - a blue unknown fiber that had some bright pinks and purples and yellows in it. Might be destined for a scarf of some sort - or maybe part of a summer tank. In the center, oranges, pinks and yellows with black sock yarn - no idea what that'll be but it was so pretty. And on the end, some greens and blues and purples in a manos like wool. Am thinking of a simple black sweater with that stuff as a high ribbing, cuffs and neckline. Love it!

The second photo represents my more manly side - the colors were amazing and I know this batch of wools will make some of the men on my holiday list happy. (Or a felted bag for ME...)

I sent a batch of people and project specific shots to Alison for the site, but here are a few to fill those of you who couldn' t join us in on the action.

Here's how we look when we aren't crowded between the books and the videos.

Much cozier.

And here's how Johanna looks on Halloween.

She kept her outfit on all night too - there's some Halloween spirit!

I didn't expect to find myself with time to blog today, but here I am! Back from an amazing rummage sale (no sweaters to frog this time, but some great stuff nonetheless), two sleeping babies, popcorn made and books to read picked out for the 1st grade Halloween party and -- things from yesterday put away. I plan on bringing the extra loot from the swap to Knitsmiths the next time I go - if anyone wants it they can browse... There's about one shopping bag left.

Off to wake the babies and get to school. Happy Halloween all.


Terri said...

Thanks again for being such a wonderful host. Having the swap at the Booksmith wouldn't have been half as fun. Count me as a fan of your cider cocktail ;-)