Monday, November 28, 2005

About those projects I brought?

It just isn't the thing you want to be doing when there is SO much else to do and it's hot. And sunny. And you only have 7 days. I spent way more time playing... it was a great week. I highly recommend the resort vacation for any big family reunion type event. Everyone gets to do their own thing, and everyone still gets to see each other. The kids had a blast together. I snorkeled with a big old sea turtle. Tried many rum drinks. Went kayaking. Played tennis.

Will post a photo of Aurora 8 and XO progress, but it's not impressive.

Only saw one fellow knitter the whole 7 days - and it was my Mom. Working on a beautiful Noro sweater for my stepdad.

My projects were much smaller and not so big on the lap. Big on the lap is tooo hot. And ruins the tan lines.

I did, however, READ A BOOK. The Kite Runner. Amazing. Couldn't put it down.

Now I'm home. It's cloudy and cold. Baby sleeping. I see lots of knitting progress ahead.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sorry to have missed KSs yesterday - was out shopping with a friend and didn't feel like calling it a day early enough to go. Would have liked to join you and I bet it was fun to be at Lisa's - Scout must have loved the extra attention too!

Gave the chevron scarf to my shopping buddy, who was quite appreciative. The colors were perfect for her - and it turns out to match not only her lime green coat, but also her purple fleece for everyday outings as well! Love it when a gift works out....

Am beginning Debbie Bliss's Grace with Aurora 8 - am only at the beginning of a sleeve, but can already tell I might have a new favorite yarn. The swatch was beautiful. This stuff is amazing - soft and spongy, a little sheeny and you can tell it won't be pilly ever ever ever. Looks great in ribs. It seems so thin on the skein, I almost doubted the size 8 needles, but it looks great. Might get addictive.

Also working on Maya's XO sweater - have finished sleeves and moved on to the body. Getting a little tedious, but still love Miss Bea and her easy to follow directions. And Maya still loves seeing if I am doing a "kiss" or a "hug" in the pattern, which I'm a sucker for.

Will spare you boring photos of both, since they are only a few inches deep and don't look too groovy yet. YET. Have plans of working on both over Thanksgiving..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

oops - apparently a smudge on the camera...

I had a complete brain freeze reading this pattern for the first few days - even swatched a bunch of alternate scarf ideas, but finally it made sense and off I go.

It's the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but smaller (using 36 sts and a 3 base instead of 4) since the yarn is much bigger. You can see the colors much better here.

It's pretty fun and very easy to do, but I appear to be EATING the yarn - only this far and about 2/3 done with the first skein! Luckily the recipient won't know it's meant to be extra long...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Some gifts. The first is going to be a chevron scarf in this amazing purple and green variegated worsted I got on ebay. The seller makes the softest wool, does some great colors and I got the stuff for $6 a skein!! The colors are a little more vibrant on the screen than in real life. The greens range from mint to a dusty sage and the purple goes from lavender to a brighter violet.

The second is done - another turkey baster scarf done on my mongo 35s. I love this pattern and hope my friend does too...

And more Miss Bea! Maya picked this sweater - a simple pullover with Xs and Os cabled up and down the body and arms. She's loving it and as I knit, she tells me if I'm doing a kiss (x) or an hug (o). Again, I love love love this book!!!!

Just have to put the zipper in Zoe's pink sweater, but am debating bringing it to a professional for that part. Just not a seamstress, me.