Monday, November 28, 2005

About those projects I brought?

It just isn't the thing you want to be doing when there is SO much else to do and it's hot. And sunny. And you only have 7 days. I spent way more time playing... it was a great week. I highly recommend the resort vacation for any big family reunion type event. Everyone gets to do their own thing, and everyone still gets to see each other. The kids had a blast together. I snorkeled with a big old sea turtle. Tried many rum drinks. Went kayaking. Played tennis.

Will post a photo of Aurora 8 and XO progress, but it's not impressive.

Only saw one fellow knitter the whole 7 days - and it was my Mom. Working on a beautiful Noro sweater for my stepdad.

My projects were much smaller and not so big on the lap. Big on the lap is tooo hot. And ruins the tan lines.

I did, however, READ A BOOK. The Kite Runner. Amazing. Couldn't put it down.

Now I'm home. It's cloudy and cold. Baby sleeping. I see lots of knitting progress ahead.


Jofrog said...

Welcome back! Not much knitting on vaca is acceptable, reading a book on vaca, what a luxury that daily life, combined with knitting, doesn't allow for! Yeah!

twig said...

Sun? Warmth? *pout* With a predicted high today of 28F, I am jealous.