Thursday, December 29, 2005

They do. All the time. They tend to give you whatever they run across. It's so nice, and it has resulted in a big big stash. But the truth is I am never going to buy the yarn I WANT because I have so much yarn I GOT.

So, New Year Resolution. Don't keep it. Swap. I'd rather have one skein of Noro than 20 skeins of stuff taking up room.

1. blue mohair - one skein. I will never use mohair i decided. Too thin.

2. Patons acrylic - 3 skeins, pastel colors on an off white background. Not my thing.

3. Gray 100% wool, a DK weight. Mid gray, a little heathery. 3 skeins, about 120 yds ea. Knits up on a 5-7. Actually looks a lot like Cascade 220. Sorry about photo of gray yarn on a taupe rug..

4. Dark Purple (eggplant) and lilac ribbon yarn - also can take a shot. Enough to make a large tank. Was frogged from a JJill top. Pardon the photo on my ugly windowsill, the colors are a little less "gray" in real life. Eggplant and kind of a vibrant midshade lighter purple.

5. Cranberry colored skeins of Philosopher's Wool. 100% wool. 3 dark, two a little lighter. I Had a big kit to make a beautiful nordic sweater. Was beyond my skills, and have used most the other yarn on other projects.

6. Light blue Patons Divine - I think it's Halo Blue. 3 skeins.

7. 2 skeins of Gloucester off white cotton. Gone!

8. Burgundy colored wool boucle. 4 skeins with bands still, two used a little. Aarlan, 100% wool, but it's soft.

I'm open to suggestion - not a big fan of acrylics or sparkly, spangly things. Love deep colors and natural fibers. Anything hand dyed or variegated. Patterns, old IKs, Vogues, etc.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We have 40 mins before we're expected at a party. I'm not dressed or even hairbrushed. Have no idea what I even feel like wearing.

The girls are downstairs playing in their new IKEA tent (arguing) also not dressed or brushed or even diaper changed. Craig's on his way home I think. AGain, not sure.

You know when you hit the wall? Tired? Spacey?

It's easier being here. With my imaginary online friends (and some real knitsmiths ones...) Showing you (whoever YOU are) the hats I made over Christmas for the kids. Aren't they cute? Zoe's jacket is red - maya's is pink.

Also, here's the closeup Colleen. Will bring the pattern on Sunday - although with your new books, you might already have it now! Not sure if the other picture is better.

Had great Christmas Cocktails - will share soon. Also begun new sweater from Knitscapes. The chunky cardigan with the horizontal ribs. Must take photos.

Should go deal with things.....

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Working in Cascade 220, which really is hard to beat. Took a cable stitch from the Vogue Knitting Stitch Gallery and made a scarf of it. Alternating cables. Am almost done with skein one, will do a little more off skein 2 and then block the sucker as wide as I can since I really should have cast on 10 more sts. But am loving the yarn, the color and the pattern and think it will be a perfect grandpa scarf. (He'll really never notice it's not wide enough - you should see what Grandma makes him wear usually...) He may even get a matching hat if I have time in the car ride to Conn. on Sat.

But in the middle of the knitting today, I lost yet another cable needle. HAD to go to the Knitting Room and get a new one. I go through these things like water apparently. I got 3. And I got some of the amazing Malabrigo Alison has been waxing poetic about. Saw a colorway named "violetas". All me. While I was there, I also happened to see Scarf Style in my arm's reach.

Can't wait to make about 10 of these... Maybe I'll start earlier for next Christmas.

Or maybe I'll just get going on that malabrigo hat for me. Much more likely.

Oh yeah, also got a copy of Loop de Loop in the mail from a Knitty Swap (thanks Jenn). What a cool book. I don't know if I will ever make most the stuff in it, but what cool ideas. I love looking at it.

However, that Ballet T, that's way wearable and very knittable. I must see if I have anything I can make it out of in the stash... Maybe add some sleeves or something...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why have I never done this before?
Took an existing pattern (Yarn Girls Guide - the purple cardigan) and then changed the measurements according to a proven favorite sweater! Duh.
Also, finally READ some instructions and spent a bunch of time teaching myself how to do PROPER seams. Sad that I've been doing this so long and never did it before. Am pretty happy with the results, just need to add some buttons.
I love this yarn - but Im a little concerned since the sweater's been on my body a few hours and it's already pilling and shedding more than one would hope. Anyone else have a Manos garment and some advice? Either way I don't care, it's a custom fitted cardigan! And these colors are awesome. Don'k know if the camera does it justice - deep browns, pumpkin and purples.

Now onto my a scarf for my Pop - just a few days left to get it going...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

So a while ago, I had some purple and brown yarn, but not enough to make anything out of. From my Mom, who bought it in Italy. Yay - free yarn. But then I had to buy some Manos to use "with it" on whatever it was meant to be. Then I bought more Manos, and more and more till I had $75 worth of purple and brown Manos. Beautiful stuff, but about that FREE YARN...

not so free anymore. But still, love the Manos. Original yarn forgotten. I made a cardigan, loose weave, boxy. Hated it. Frogged. Swap it? No. Swap it now? No.

Two years later. Much smaller fitted cardigan in the works. Pattern from Yarn Girls Guide - and sizing to one of my favorite current sweaters as I go. Going fast - have back and two sides done in 3 days. Think I might actually like this one.

And that original brown and purple yarn, some made it into a tank, the rest in the stash.. swap it? no.

Also managed to finish an Aurora 8 sleeve:

Jury is still out on the hot purple, but I love this stuff. Think I'll keep going. Otherwise, cold and losing my tan fast. Oh well. Am REALLY hoping to make it to Knitsmiths this Sunday. Sleeping baby, off to knit more Manos.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Well, she picked out the sweater, approved the yarn I was using and let me try it on her during the process, so she should be. I'm pretty pleased myself. From Miss Bea's Playtime, in Cascade Sierra. Again, LOVE Miss Bea's Playtime - easy but adorable cable patterns and easy to folloow directions. This one has xs and os (kisses and hugs). Was enough to keep me awake, but easy to multi task with. I fudged the sizing to make a 6 out of the 2/3 yr measurements. Should fit her for a bit.

She's having fun with the camera. Loves a good pose.

Here's the XO Closeup...

And, a couple of hats. The first in a dark burgundy Manos I can thank Colleen from SubwayKnitter for. Got it in the swap and it made a great hat for my friend Leah, who doesn't do bright colors. Perfect.

The second hat for Gabriella, will match her bright green jacket just fine. Rainbow. She does do bright colors. Not sure what I want to do with the hat, am winging it. Cables, ribs, plain? We'll see. I figure the more I knit and blog today, the less I have to shovel.

Still to early for a cocktail, but off to a tree decorating tonight. Am thinking Cranberry Mimosa.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The siren song of the knitting basket has won out again. Am almost done with Xs and Os, should be able to post a finished shot tomorrow of Maya in her new sweater. It fits great, a surprise since I made the 2-3 yr size and fudged the gauge to m y thicker yarn. I just need to seam up the sides.

Here's a little progress with my Aurora 8. Soon to be Debbie Bliss's Grace, with a few mods - less ribbing along the front, shorter and with some shaping at the waist. We'll see...

You can't really see the color here - it's more of a shocking purple, which to be honest, I'm not too keen on. But the yarn is so amazing to knit with, I'm willing to overlook the color. It was meant to be the bright purple sweater from Fall Vogue - then I switched to plan B here. Hence the electric grape. I'll wear it. I will. The cables are fun since they're all different. Not boring at all.

I have two hats in the works for when concentration isn't in the cards. I'll post shots of those when I get the XO done.