Thursday, December 22, 2005

Working in Cascade 220, which really is hard to beat. Took a cable stitch from the Vogue Knitting Stitch Gallery and made a scarf of it. Alternating cables. Am almost done with skein one, will do a little more off skein 2 and then block the sucker as wide as I can since I really should have cast on 10 more sts. But am loving the yarn, the color and the pattern and think it will be a perfect grandpa scarf. (He'll really never notice it's not wide enough - you should see what Grandma makes him wear usually...) He may even get a matching hat if I have time in the car ride to Conn. on Sat.

But in the middle of the knitting today, I lost yet another cable needle. HAD to go to the Knitting Room and get a new one. I go through these things like water apparently. I got 3. And I got some of the amazing Malabrigo Alison has been waxing poetic about. Saw a colorway named "violetas". All me. While I was there, I also happened to see Scarf Style in my arm's reach.

Can't wait to make about 10 of these... Maybe I'll start earlier for next Christmas.

Or maybe I'll just get going on that malabrigo hat for me. Much more likely.

Oh yeah, also got a copy of Loop de Loop in the mail from a Knitty Swap (thanks Jenn). What a cool book. I don't know if I will ever make most the stuff in it, but what cool ideas. I love looking at it.

However, that Ballet T, that's way wearable and very knittable. I must see if I have anything I can make it out of in the stash... Maybe add some sleeves or something...


Colleen said...

I love Cascade 220, and I really like that cable pattern. Give us a close-up in your next post, will ya? :-).

Happy Holidays!