Friday, December 09, 2005

Well, she picked out the sweater, approved the yarn I was using and let me try it on her during the process, so she should be. I'm pretty pleased myself. From Miss Bea's Playtime, in Cascade Sierra. Again, LOVE Miss Bea's Playtime - easy but adorable cable patterns and easy to folloow directions. This one has xs and os (kisses and hugs). Was enough to keep me awake, but easy to multi task with. I fudged the sizing to make a 6 out of the 2/3 yr measurements. Should fit her for a bit.

She's having fun with the camera. Loves a good pose.

Here's the XO Closeup...

And, a couple of hats. The first in a dark burgundy Manos I can thank Colleen from SubwayKnitter for. Got it in the swap and it made a great hat for my friend Leah, who doesn't do bright colors. Perfect.

The second hat for Gabriella, will match her bright green jacket just fine. Rainbow. She does do bright colors. Not sure what I want to do with the hat, am winging it. Cables, ribs, plain? We'll see. I figure the more I knit and blog today, the less I have to shovel.

Still to early for a cocktail, but off to a tree decorating tonight. Am thinking Cranberry Mimosa.


Rain said...

The sweater looks great and your daughter more than looks happy in it. It's great when they get so involved in the process.

Monica said...

Great job on the sweater! Looks like she lurvs it!

aurora said...

That's a lovely jumper! I adore the cable pattern...looks like it will get lots of use and love :-)