Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why have I never done this before?
Took an existing pattern (Yarn Girls Guide - the purple cardigan) and then changed the measurements according to a proven favorite sweater! Duh.
Also, finally READ some instructions and spent a bunch of time teaching myself how to do PROPER seams. Sad that I've been doing this so long and never did it before. Am pretty happy with the results, just need to add some buttons.
I love this yarn - but Im a little concerned since the sweater's been on my body a few hours and it's already pilling and shedding more than one would hope. Anyone else have a Manos garment and some advice? Either way I don't care, it's a custom fitted cardigan! And these colors are awesome. Don'k know if the camera does it justice - deep browns, pumpkin and purples.

Now onto my a scarf for my Pop - just a few days left to get it going...


Scoutj said...


Colleen said...

This is just the start. Trust me. You will never go back to knitting patterns as written.

Monica said...

Looks great!

I knit a Manos hoodie, also from Yarn Girls Guide. It's got a little pilling, but nothing major. I've had it for a couple of years.