Thursday, December 29, 2005

They do. All the time. They tend to give you whatever they run across. It's so nice, and it has resulted in a big big stash. But the truth is I am never going to buy the yarn I WANT because I have so much yarn I GOT.

So, New Year Resolution. Don't keep it. Swap. I'd rather have one skein of Noro than 20 skeins of stuff taking up room.

1. blue mohair - one skein. I will never use mohair i decided. Too thin.

2. Patons acrylic - 3 skeins, pastel colors on an off white background. Not my thing.

3. Gray 100% wool, a DK weight. Mid gray, a little heathery. 3 skeins, about 120 yds ea. Knits up on a 5-7. Actually looks a lot like Cascade 220. Sorry about photo of gray yarn on a taupe rug..

4. Dark Purple (eggplant) and lilac ribbon yarn - also can take a shot. Enough to make a large tank. Was frogged from a JJill top. Pardon the photo on my ugly windowsill, the colors are a little less "gray" in real life. Eggplant and kind of a vibrant midshade lighter purple.

5. Cranberry colored skeins of Philosopher's Wool. 100% wool. 3 dark, two a little lighter. I Had a big kit to make a beautiful nordic sweater. Was beyond my skills, and have used most the other yarn on other projects.

6. Light blue Patons Divine - I think it's Halo Blue. 3 skeins.

7. 2 skeins of Gloucester off white cotton. Gone!

8. Burgundy colored wool boucle. 4 skeins with bands still, two used a little. Aarlan, 100% wool, but it's soft.

I'm open to suggestion - not a big fan of acrylics or sparkly, spangly things. Love deep colors and natural fibers. Anything hand dyed or variegated. Patterns, old IKs, Vogues, etc.


mf said...

OK lady I like 100% wools all of them.... I'm sure I can come up with something of course I'lls end you pictures first so please put those on hold for me if you don't mind and want to swap with me......;o))
Are you hitting the town this weekend? Not I...quiet knitting rest & relax I hope to anyway
Have a great New Years!

Colleen said...

Gimme, gimme, gimme. I need some worsted-weight cotton for a felting project. Apparently the instructions call for me to do a provisional cast on with the cotton, probably because it won't felt in with the wool.

And: I can totally swap you for some varigated yarns. I got some sock yarn in funky pinks, oranges, and browns OR some maybe aran weight stuff in blues, browns, and white. I could totall see your girls in the former, not so much in the later. Also, I have some VKs or IKs.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is Eloise from Knityboard...I'd love to have the grey wool! Would you be willing to swap wool for a 100g skein of blue and grey variagated self-patterning sock yarn? It's lovely, I just don't have time to knit for self...



Anonymous said...

oops, I think the wool I wanted might already be taken...diddn't notice that. Sorry:)


Dani said...

Nothing like starting off the new year with a nice clean sweep!