Thursday, December 15, 2005

So a while ago, I had some purple and brown yarn, but not enough to make anything out of. From my Mom, who bought it in Italy. Yay - free yarn. But then I had to buy some Manos to use "with it" on whatever it was meant to be. Then I bought more Manos, and more and more till I had $75 worth of purple and brown Manos. Beautiful stuff, but about that FREE YARN...

not so free anymore. But still, love the Manos. Original yarn forgotten. I made a cardigan, loose weave, boxy. Hated it. Frogged. Swap it? No. Swap it now? No.

Two years later. Much smaller fitted cardigan in the works. Pattern from Yarn Girls Guide - and sizing to one of my favorite current sweaters as I go. Going fast - have back and two sides done in 3 days. Think I might actually like this one.

And that original brown and purple yarn, some made it into a tank, the rest in the stash.. swap it? no.

Also managed to finish an Aurora 8 sleeve:

Jury is still out on the hot purple, but I love this stuff. Think I'll keep going. Otherwise, cold and losing my tan fast. Oh well. Am REALLY hoping to make it to Knitsmiths this Sunday. Sleeping baby, off to knit more Manos.