Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's been a whole month since I've been able to log into blogger from my computer, ugh. I've been lurking, but crashing all month, so sorry for the silence. But my husband has his laptop from work home tonight and I'm giving it a shot.

Seems the problem isn't blogger, but my laptop. Not so surprising. Good news is my sister is giving us hers and I should be set in a week or so - and it's a Mac! I love Macs...

In the meantime, the knitting goes on. Stay tuned for good pics of my Nov projects and bad pics of me in them. The cocktails have also continued, I'll have to include some of them as well.

I've managed a scarf for me, a hat for my Grandpa, socks for Craig, and a new stripey sweater for Maya out of bits and scraps. All it needs is some edging and a zipper, but she's claimed it's ITCHY so I put it down. Really, why go through the effort if a 7 year old claims itch??

I have some gorgeous new Sunshine Yarns sock yarn and a really cool new skein of Jitterbug sock yarn I picked up over Thanksgving in deep blues. Maybe some Potamus?

Through the Knitty Board, I have a sweater's worth fabulous purple Rowan Harris Tweed and some lovely peachy Malabrigo too. Am thinking Moonlight Madness in the Malabrigo and am looking for suggestions for the Harris Tweed.

I love Emily's Kepler, but don't see that being flattering on me - maybe a cardigan? Central Park Hoodie? Hmmm. Anyone have a book with Harris Tweed patterns? I think Rowan changed the name of the Tweed, but it's all the same stuff.

Am planning on KS this Sunday (I know my credibility is low, sorry...) and hope to see you guys then!


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Am having huge blogger problems - for some reason I've been allowed in (a fluke, I'm sure) without crashing the Netscape browser.

I won't even attempt to post a photo and am typing fast before the Blogger Demons figure out I'm here and boot me out again.

Check out my Finished Object page for Sweaters with Zippers and New Socks!!

Many thanks to Johanna (I won't attempt to link today) for the zipper assistance.

Craig has tried his fabulous new sweater on and loves it
(although he declined to pose for a photo) - maybe no reknitting this time?

Now to publish - am crossing my fingers...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

so here are some better photos.

For all the time and work that went into it, I want to see the actual sweater on my blog! Yes? The color is pretty true to life on the rear view. Amazing the difference some sunshine makes...

Also, since I'm at it, here's another Mr Stegs, ready to be gifted to one of the new babies in my life..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I wanted to say Summer, but that wouldn't really be true. Two finished sweaters - and, for those of you who might read my blog often and could remember, this could also be titled "What I got at The Wild and Wooly Sale". Or, "What I Did While You Were All at Rhinebeck"

Out of this chunky Rowan, a big long sweater of my own (lack of) design. I was afraid to knit a big sweater like this, thought it would be pretty unflattering, but a little shaping at the waist, and not so bad. I decided not to use buttons (or forgot the button holes, however you want to spin it....) , and instead have found a new use for an old pin.

You still can't really see the pin, but you can get a better idea of the yarn color on my arm - and what looks like a little pregnant bump - that's only pumpkin pie and a few weeks of high stress around here. It's not the water at the Booksmith...

The yarn is a deep variegated burgundy. Way warm and comfy. I think it's my new shmata.

And here's Starsky!

As usual, fabulously unflattering photos taken in the wrong light. Craig even took a shot of the rear view, but after checking out my ass in these jeans, that shot isn't going to see the light of day - and these jeans might not see it again either, come to think of it.

I ignored the yarn requirements and went with Classic Elite Renaissance. In the end, I think the yarn sub was fine. Sizewise, it's not a big shapeless sweater, and I think that's OK. It might even stretch out a bit over time. I was way proud of myself for this one - the banana trees and the short rows, both things I have never tried before. And in the end, not so hard!

I decided not to do the belt loops - so I can change the belt location according to what I'm wearing, or maybe not use it at all.

Besides these, I have two more sweaters and some socks about to see the end of the tunnel! Hopefully I'll make it to KS on Sunday and have those to show. Been missing you ladies, it's been a rough few weeks.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Am pretty relieved - it blocked out a ton. The Renaissance isn't the yarn in the pattern, and when the pieces were laid out, it wasn't looking too promising. But am ready to begin the short rows for the collar when the kids go to sleep tonight, so stay tuned....

And an important question:

Has anyone flown recently with a sock project? What are the chances of getting my Magic Loop Addis on a plane? How about wooden DPNs?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

These last few gorgeous days have meant lots of brainless playground knitting time. So once, I had finished Starsky's sleeves, I needed a new project.

This yarn has been sitting around with Maya's name on it for a while. I think fellow Knitsmith Amber may have dyed it but am not sure. (Look - two links in one sentence!)

It's a soft worsted wool in sherbert colors and it looked great in simple garter stitch, so today at a playdate for Zoe and then the afterschool playground it became a matching set for the not so young one. She's pretty happy about it.

Next up, another set of Dinosaurs for one of the coming babies. And in my more focused hours, more of the Pumpkin Starsky - one front panel almost done - and both sleeves. The banana tree pattern scares me so I am going in the water slowly on this one.

But hey, for those of you in the mood to be impressed, look at the sidebar - it's only taken me a year to post a FO gallery!

Monday, September 25, 2006

If any of you know me already, you know how excited I am about this. Finally here and I managed to get a few before they disappear from the store. Like Pumpkin Pie in a bottle. MMMMM.

And I have the perfect pumpkin colored yarn too - you might remember this from the Wild and Wooly Sale. 16 skeins of Classic Elite Renaissance. This stuff is soft and light and awesome to knit with. And cheap. And I do love this color - kind of a deep variegated sienna/pumpkin orange. Someone at Knitsmiths described it as "squash colored" yesterday, so pick your fall legume and go with it. I just hope I don't fuck up the banana tree pattern - it takes some down time to concentrate on it.

Stay tuned and watch it turn into Starsky, the cool 70s esque cable wrap from Knitty. Since I have the Ray Bans, maybe I can iron my hair and look like Julie from the Mod Squad. We'll see.

Zoe isn't a fan of orange, so here's her new hat. Leftover blue from the sweater and some leftover variegated from the scary baby hat. Again, she picked it out of the yarn basket, told me she wanted hat with a pom pom and the flowers from her other sweater and handed me some needles. Who's really in charge here?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Now that fall's coming, it's time to get this Cambridge Cardigan finished. It was begun as an apology for mucking up the other sweater I'd knit for my husband last year.

But since Johanna
was kind enough to fix that sweater for him, he's about to be the fortunate recipient of TWO handknit sweaters for the fall.

And she's back, working her magic again with the YKK brochure here. We've picked the perfect zipper to finish up with, and I'm going to get a lesson in zipper-attaching from her too.

Craig owes her big.
As do I.

After a whole summer of knits for everyone else, it's time to think about something for ME. This pile of fat burgundy tweed spaghetti will be such an item. Knit up on 10.5s in Yorkshire Tweed Chunky, a big long woofy cardigan of a yet to be determined design. I've finished the back and an arm so far, so I need to get thinking on the front look I'm going to go for. Am hoping to have it done by the weekend, but we'll see. It's a little big to lug around, so not exactly a playground project. That cuts into my knitting time, so maybe the weekend after next...

And also on the Grownup front, cold weather means less fruity, fizzy cocktails. More red wine. Some Kaluha and Baileys. Cognac and OJ.

I'm jonesing to try some classic recipes like Sidecars, Martinis, Whiskey Sours, Gin Fizzes and whatever else old men in the 50s used to drink when they came home to their dressed, coiffed, and heeled wives (which is NOT me) and meatloaf with gravy (also not us. We get Dino Chicken, fresh outta the freezer) .

We'll see what we come up with. Craig's favorite is what he calls a Ski Slope - hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. I always called it Hot Chocolate and Schnapps, but hey.

Lastly, my original babycocktails buddy is almost done with her misearable summer of bedrest for the up and coming twins. After a summer like this, I think a few babycocktail drinks will definitely be in order. I'm thinking she'll bend those nursing rules to include a sip or two before long...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few finished projects!

First, a cute baby hat on a really creepy baby doll. This was the best shot since you couldn't see the plastic baby face with the vacant eyes. They kind of follow you in a photo. Actually the baby doll is way more creepy on film than in real life. Weird.

Simple pattern adapted from the Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics. Yarn once again, courtesy of my Mom. Leftover from something she had done in the past. It's soft and I love the colors - perfect for a boy or a gir. I have enough to make one more - an easy thing for my next car ride.

These are socks for my sis and a matching pair for my new nephew Baby James. Check out the funky pooling - only on one sock. I loved this yarn so much - I have a little left over and need a small project - like a change purse or something, i guess. Any other ideas? maybe a headband? I'd really rather not do a change purse, since I'll never use it.

And Zoe's finished sweater - I think she likes it. That's her big big fake smile.

But the flower near her elbow is bugging me. Unfortunately it's all I see when I look at the thing. My fault that it's not centered, but hell has no fury like a Zoe whose flower is going to be taken out and embroidered on in the right spot (yes, Norah, I was even going to try embroidery!)

I had two flowers originally and already took one out and rewove the blue where it had been - that's why the centering issue with only one left. But she was very unhappy about the prospect of both disappearing, and lest she decide it isn't perfect and never wear the sweater....I caved.

like I said, it's a collaboration with a 2 yr old. And, apparently she loves it. She called it her Special Made Sweater. She better wear it soon. It's not too big on her.

Here's a shot of what it might look like if it was flourescent. Yikes.

So back to school tomorrow.
It's been a pretty prolific summer, knitwise. 3 tank tops, 5 hats, 2 scarves, Zoe's sweater, lots of Craig's Cambridge Cardigan, fixing his other sweater, a baby cardigan, lace socks, Uptown Boot socks, the above sock set, and what else? More stuff began, decided against, or not exciting enough and currently forgotten in the attic.

Shit, was anyone actually watching my kids??

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I have a few more photos of FOs and other stuff to load, but since Blogger is uninterested in loading them, I'll just go with what I got up here.


For the first time in a loooong time, I found myself at Wild and Wooly.

Zoe wandered over to the buttons, as she tends to do, and as I assume lots of toddlers do - I think they like to watch the owner of the store cringe - which she does, every time. Zoe particularly likes to reorganize the containers. Big fun. Gives me a few minutes to look at the magazines nearby..

Anyways she was pretty smitten with some adorable flowers (that I have a photo of and you can't see) in blue with yellow centers. She took them out, found some pink ones just like them, and told me it was time for a blue flower sweater for her and a pink flower sweater for Maya.

This called for a trip downstairs to the Cascade 220 Vault, where Zoe picked our her two blues. They don't really match the buttons at all, but collaboration with a 2 yr old isn't really the time for creative control. When you see the front, you'll also note a strange misplaced flower on the chest that was requested repeatedly until I caved.

As long as she wears it once I finish, I'm letting her be in charge.
We'll see how this turns out in a day or so.

By then Blogger may also let you see my other photos, too.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not only am I linking, but look what I did!


Finally managed to make a Flickr acct of all my FOs to chronicle the highlights in my illustrious knitting career. Two new things should be ready to add in the next few days too!

Next we'll see if I can make it a permanent part of the toolbar. Hmmm.
That might have to wait till afternoon cocktails.

Monday, August 28, 2006

So here's my only FO lately - I've got a bunch of things going, but this one was begun last and finished first, so Ta Da! I got the jones to work on something new and ignore all the old newsy stuff.

I love the yarn. I'ts Noro Lily - a cotton silk blend (not so sensible for a baby but hey) that I had in the stash and it was awesome to work with.

The pattern was supposed to be the daisy cardigan from The Garter Belt
but I had a completely different gauge, a way smaller baby, and apparently NO talent for embroidery, so I used the basic recipe and the edging and went from there. I think it turned out sweet - mostly due to the colors and yarn, not any actual talent on the part of the creator. Next up on the baby list, cabled baby hat.

And on bloggy talent news, last night we went out to say goodbye to one of our fellow KNITSMITHSand they taught me a new trick. Seems I'm the only one in the world who wasn't aware that the universal sign for "add link here" is a green circle with a little doo hicky at the top. It's right on my tool bar! Provided by blogger all the while, under my unsuspecting nose. But honestly, would it have been too much trouble to come up with a more direct icon? What's that thing supposed to be anyways? (I'll bring that up next KS and I bet we'll get an answer.....)

But bad imagery aside, woo hoo! Watch this: Colleen, Shireen, Johanna, Norah, and Suzanne (sorry Gayle, no blog, no link) Yep, I'm a linking fool now.... so watch out.

And any of you New Yorkers who run into Shireen at your local LYS, be extra nice to her down there, she's going to be very missed up here.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And I'm liking it that way. Spent a few days being non committal - start my sweater? Poncho? Finish Craig's? Another pair of socks? Baby Hat? Seems I can't commit to a project or - apparently - to a single color - these days. I still have Craig's Cambridge Cardigan to seam up, have begun some stuff for fall, but all I want to do is start more stuff. So why not little baby things? After all, the clock's ticking and there are 11 on the way. Two down, a new one added to the list. I think I can squeeze one more baby sweater out of that Debbie Bliss.....

But back to the Interlacements Socks. Before getting around to sock #2, I did a baby one with the leftovers. My sister just had a little boy, so I figure they'll get matching pairs - and this little guy took all of ONE day - in short spurts. Hello, instant gratification. Now I just need to pick up the needles and get to sock #2, but I'm way too distracted.

This top down sweater is the abovementioned distraction. It's from The Garter Belt - the Daisy Cardigan, which I love in the pink alpaca that Marie Grace Smith used, but I had a batch of this Noro Lily sitting around in my stash so we'll see how it goes. Am thinking the picot edging and embroidered flowers can be white so they aren't lost in the colorful background. Yes?

And lastly, even the cocktail making is indecisive around here - does pear and apple go better with rum or gin?

I say gin, Craig says rum. So we had dueling cocktails. I made mine with gin, pear nectar, soda water, and apple juice. Craig used pear, soda water, apple juice and rum.

Notice MINE is all drank up.

Do I really need to say who was the winner??

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

For all of you that have been telling me they have been missing from the blog. (Those of you who read and lurk and don't comment in writing but tell me in person, ahem....)

The truth is that threre are still lots of cocktails around here, but they like to disappear more than they like to pose for photos. And once gone, I forget what was in them long before I get to blog again. However, this one was waiting for Craig to come home, so it was bored enough to smile at the camera. Unfortunately I had eaten the orange slice out of it and the ice cubes melted. And truth be told, I ended up drinking it too, but hey - early bird, worm, and all.

We think it's Tired Wife Sangria. Some leftover sauvingnon blanc, some raspberry lime seltzer, a little apple juice and a squirt of lime. A little vodka since the wine was getting kinda diluted. Sliced orange in each glass and ice cubes. Wasn't bad. Then again, tired wives think ANYTHING in a wine glass after 4pm is pretty tasty.

And on the knitting front, more socks! I love this yarn - Interlacements Tiny Toes.

I hope my camera has done the colors justice - it seems to have dulled the yarn down a bit, but the sun is shining behind my screen, so I'm not a good judge. And Zoe has been puking all day so I'm not at my BEST right now... There are lots of shades of maroon and pink, bright orange and khaki dark green. It's awesome in person - and has some cool pooling too.

And... the BIG news is that my nemesis and I have parted ways - that sweater for Craig is finished, fits, and has been folded back up in the drawer! (again, THANK you Johanna!)

He tried it on late at night when he got home so I have no photo - but he assured me it's the same exact length as his favorite Gap sweater - top 1/3 of the fly. Apparently, fly height is my new metric system. Top Third of the Fly is what we shoot for from now on. We'll see how it works on the Cambridge Cardigan. After that, he's looking at some socks while I take a good long Manly Sweater Break.

And have another cocktail.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ta Da!

So far, from this batch of yarn I have managed the following:

2 Green Gable Sweaters
2 Fishy Hats
1 stripey tank
1 orange tank
a swap for 4 socks worth of Lornas and Opal
another swap for 2 skeins of Lornas
and now, another tank for Maya

I still have a bag left - maybe I'll make a tank for me too.....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

and knitting!!! Maya's first FO. A fabulous pink sparkly belt....

And she's already hard at work on her second project. A scarf out of a beautiful handdyed sherbert-y colored yarn I got at the last Knitsmiths swap. There's enough in this skein for a Big Sister Scarf and matching Sister Hats.

Could Mama be any prouder?

I'm taking a break from all the blue and the Man Projects myself. A groovy purple number to be worn before the fall should be done in a day or so.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I did get a lot done on a few things out West, besides those baby hats. And we're having an "inside" day today since we're off to see the Lowell Spinners tonight, which means some Quality Knitting time for me. Here's what I've managed to finish up today....

Above are Interweave Knits Uptown Boot Socks, done in Lorna's Laces. Buck's Bar. I love these socks. I love this yarn, the pattern was a great easy knit, and they feel yummy. Even in 100 degree heat. So satisfying... now I'm putting them away till I get those new boots.

This guy is a simple baby hat done in a handspun I got at the Knitting Olympics Closing Ceremonies Swap. Not sure who made the handspun or what it's exactly made of, but I love the colors and the soft feel and thought it made a cool little baby hat. And since I am stocking up for all those new babies on the horizon, I know it'll have a home sometime this fall!

To continue the blue theme, I'm now spending the rest of the day fixing Craig's George Micheal Sweater. Thanks to Johanna, who painstakingly took the time to make sense out of the amazing mess I'd created by ripping, knitting, frogging, knitting and who-knows-what else. Many many thanks!!! (and your promised sock yarn already in a bag.)

Hopefully in a day or so, Craig's belly button will no longer have peek out over his jeans and under his sweater again. Unless it's an 80s costume party.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Thanks Maya, for taking tennis! .

We have a lovely French girl living with us this month, so I have been privy to the ultimate luxury in Momdom. Waiting for one kid's lessons without another yapping at your heels. Coffee in a cup, a folding chair and these socks for one full hour every morning.

I tried to get her in an extra week next week, but alas, today was our last lesson till August, when I will have the little one back. Yap. Yap.
Then no socks, just coffee.

These are IK's Uptown Boot Socks. I have knit to the pattern so far, but am going my own way on the gusset and foot. The instructions seemed to get uneccesarily complicated at that point, and I didn't feel like translating from DPN to Magic Loop either. Two very different languages....

Apparently, I'll need new boots because I just found my favorite black ones in the basement, where they were spending the winter with our other hibernating footwear - and they are covered in a suspicious blue fur. Eeeeeew. All this rain, I guess. Nothing else in the entire basement is moldy. Just my boots. How much does that suck? Glass half empty.

How about - New Boots this fall to go with my new socks! Glass half full.

Anyways, that's the rear view through to the heel gusset, which I just turned.
Lorna's Laces Buck's Bar colorway. I love this stuff. Good thing too, since I got one more package in swap full o Lorna's! This brings my brand new Lorna's stash to 6 different colorways. I have sock yarn for 9 pairs - woo hooo - must find more new sock patterns. What gorgeous colors - now I know why everyone gets hooked on socks.

My real baby's asleep right now on the living room floor - so back to these babies before she stirs. I can't bring myself to take her out in the heat, so have some down time to blog.

Then she, me, and these socks are off to the beach for some cooling off.

Have swapped a lot, but still have lots o yarns left... anyone? Beuller?
Red wool, lots of novelties, Dive, blue laceweight, gray soft wool, feltables
just go back a few entries and you'll see!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some socks done and lots more hatching.....

Here are my finished Lovely Lace Socks in Regia sockyarn. I loved (as the name would suggest....) this pattern and I loved the yarn, which - of course - is quite a different color than in the photo here, but you get the idea. My camera apparently thought the socks should be more of a hot pink and blue theme. In reality they were more reds and peaches and blues. I have already sent them onto their owner, so I can't retake the photo -- but they do look nice this way too, so hey.

I got the Regia at The Knitting Room, which has just added a bunch of cool artyarns and Regia colorways to their sock collection... did they know I was entering a new phase??

And now that I'm kind of hooked (blame that magic loop, it's changed my life), here's the pile of Koigu I got from my Mom's. I'm loving the rainbow and green colorways. Am thinking the deep autumn color might end up a shawl, since I have a whole bunch o skeins worth.

Any simple lace shawl ideas? I am eyeing Icarus from the latest IK, but it might be a little beyond my ability.

And if that wasn't enough, here's what's arrived so far from my swaps! Two gorgeous colors of Opal and two of Lorna's Laces - I have one more skein of the blues, it's being wound. More is on the way too. Sock yarn is way addicting, and it takes up less room in the stash than all the worsted that's been sent out, so I barely feel gulty!

The red ones, "Flame" from Lorna's Laces, are burning a hole in my subconscious, so I think they'll be knit up first. Aren't they lovely? For once, my camera decided to honor the rules of the universe and show the yarn as it exists. Maybe even the camera liked the yarn?

But first, a quick fix on Craig's ruined cropped sweater, shown here in it's pre cropped form. I got a few skeins more of the DB Cotton Aran and will try and cover the belly button and reknit the trim. No man needs to show midriff in his sweaters... unless he's Boy George.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Koigu and Alaska wool from the last post are pending. The DK DEbbie Bliss is gone, and the Dune is gone.

But wait, there's more!!
Swap or Sell, unless you're contacting me from Knitty. Then swap only.

Kool Aid dyed dusty purple worsted. About 500 yds in the darker and 100 (the one ball) a little lighter lavender. Similar to Cascade 220, not as soft. Felts nicely. $15 + shipping.

Gray worsted. Again, similar to Cascade 220, not quite as soft. Big skeins - I'm guessing around 800 yds here. Felts nicely too. $15 + shipping.

Misc feltables - cascade 220 in a dark manly green and a variegated purple heather. Noro bits in matching greens, browns. Heathered Gray. And mustard yellow. Guessing 100 yds ea on the Cascade, a little less on the yellow, and way less on the gray and bits. $10 for 'em. + shipping.

Very soft and thicker pingouin Gray worsted. Would knit on 9s maybe. There are 5 skeins total, the other was in another bag. A mid shade of gray, a little heatherey. $15 + ship

Red kool aid dyed Worsted - from the same batch as the purple. There are a 8 skeins of this, so around 800 yds. Maybe $20 + shipping.

Patons DK in persimmon, Elann Peruvian Highland Wool in a dark rose. 2.5 skeins. $10 + ship

Bad photo. Dive variegated - one skein in greens, one in blues. The colors are more vibrant than this. It's a soft wool, worsted wt. The cone is a deep tealy blue cone of laceweight mohair or alpaca (not sure which). Lots on it, I'll never make a lace shawl, so...... $7 for the Dive both, $10 for the cone + ship

Hot Pink mercerized cotton. 2 full skeins. I wound one. Again, the camera dulled this. It's a vibrant kidlike hot pink. $5 + ship

Would love a sock pattern book..... now that I'm getting some sock yarn! More sock yarn, natural fibers, #2 circs, other bamboo circs or addis, magazines, whatever.
Otherwise, make me an offer.

I put $$ but please feel free to offer a trade instead, I"m flexible and want to get these boxes outta the kitchen! Thanks.

Off to the beach with the girls - maybe I'll work on lace sock #2.
Or maybe i'll just be chasing them around the beach, eyeing my sock on the towel.

Friday, June 30, 2006

And one finished sock! More to come.
Grandma loved hers, I have a photo of her modeling them, but not handy.

So here's the yarns. First batch. My Mom is moving, so she passed on most her stash to me. Unfortunately, I'm not that into these kinds of stuff. In return, I'd love vareigated sock yarns. I'm a fan of natural fibers. But make me an offer, who knows?

Koigu Kersti in a camo like colorway - deep greens, grays.

GGH Mohair in sage green and a light pumpkiny orange (the pic makes it look darker). Trendsetter Dune in golds and reds and oranges.
2 sk of a funky Trendsetter novelty yarn with light gold and cream "paper" fabric squares on a cream or light gold thread.
And in the back, another yarn also with the little "paper" fabric squares on a black thread. The squares in that one match the sage and pumpkin of the mohair. Can take another photo if necessary.

Alaskan worsted weight 2 ply in deep blue, a teal green and cream. My camera added a lot of gray to the colors, they aren't so "dusty".
A pattern for fun fur felted purses and a pattern to make a small sheep toy with yarns.

2 skeins of black fun fur.
Ladder yarn black with greens and blues.
Another ladder yarn in gray with lighter blues and silver and gray.
A cotton with teals and grays and lots more colors. Got washed out in the pic.

Pixel metallic yarn.
Artyarns fluffy yarn in mustard and blue.

Like I said, just not my stuff. But good stuff if you like novelty yarns!

I'm also a fan of cash, and that won't increase the stash, so make me an offer . I'm thinking roughly $5 a skein, and shipping. Most of em are worth around $10-15 ea.
Any specific questions, just email me. It's all non smoking, no pets.

There's also Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in mid shade gray and in light dusty blue.
Maybe 3-4 full skeins of each, bands on.

Anyone? Bueller?