Friday, January 27, 2006

The Lorna's Laces was a quick knit - and the zig zags were easy and fun. I took the pattern from Scarf Style - the formula from the back of the book, which was really simple - the LL was just a little too short for the scarf - even at kid length, so I added some stripes. And instead of pom poms, we went with tassels - since they look more like pony tails, I am told. Apparently life has a unicorn theme these days.

Am now moving on to my next recent purchase - the Malabrigo. This stuff is a new favorite - the same beautiful colors as Manos, but even softer. I am making Coronet - the cabled hat from Knitty. (If I was really inspired, I'd have added a link there, sorry.) The skein seems huge, so there might be a coordinating scarf next.

Once I finish these few small projects, I'll get back to Grace. Just needed a short break before I begin the back!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A drink for me and a scarf for Maya - this is the Lorna's Laces I bought last week. Am taking a short cable break and wanted to learn the zigzag thing. I modified the pattern in scarf style, and am planning some yellow pom poms and maybe a few yellow stripes on the other end side. We'll see how much LL I have... The zig zags are pretty fun.
I've been told (by a few people lately) that I seem to have fallen off (or on, as the case may be) the wagon. So here -- to prove I am still the lush you all expect me to be -- a cocktail!
Not a babycocktail, since my babycocktail partner is trying to have a second baby, and can not be counted on in the near future to provide me with either baby and drinking company, but a cocktail nonetheless. That's the closest thing I got to an excuse for the recipe vacation over here - that and the fact that it never dawns on me to take a shot of the beer or wine I'm having instead.
I spent the morning trucking a two year old around thrift stores and the afternoon in the house with the contractor and the two kids only to realize that I completely forgot to take one of 'em to the theatre lessons on Tuesday afternoon for which I paid a buttload of money. And then I had to console my sobbing daughter that they wouldn't give her part in the play to someone who actually made it to all the meetings because THEIR Mom remembered stuff like that. So today, I decided a beer just wasn't going to cut it. The rest of the jigger has my name on it if my husband doesn't come home soon...
It's a modified vodka tonic -
orange infused vodka, tonic, lemon and a shot of peach schnapps - I did want something sweet.... and then more soda water to tone down the too sweet peachiness.
And an extra lemon since the soda water didn't do the job itself.
But now, pretty good.
I'm out of practice.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I did manage to get a little done on Grace - have one complete front side and two sleeves. Here's the side on our new leathah sofa. I still love the Aurora 8 and the purple color is growing on me. Still not getting to do a lot on it - besides the contractors, I've been single parenting the past few days. Not a knitting friendly environment.

But, quite the shopping setup. Must get out of the house, yes?

In addition to my violetas Malabrigo on the front burner, I now own a gorgeous skein of Mountain Colors in periwinkles and beiges. They are a little similar - both match my purple winter coat perfectly, so we'll see what gets made. Maybe combine them in something or make two projects??? Not sure they'll actually combine well.

And yes that's another skein in the background. I now own some woofy Lorna's Laces in my girls' favorite combo. None of that fingerling weight stuff, but some more substantial merino. It's like butter. I had to have it. Couldn't leave it at Wiild and Wooly, so here it is.

And - a question that's been bugging me for ages, but I just re-found the postcard with the pattern. Anyone know what Interweave Knits this blue sweater came from? I love it, and have even emailed them, but got no answer. It's a v neck-ish pullover with openweave stitching around the top of the body and edges. Have any of you seen it? Made it? Have the pattern?

Anyways, I hope to be back online and knitting again soon. In the meantime, I'll probably keep this once a week schedule - and keep lurking around reading all your progress in the meantime - hope to see some of you on Sunday!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Not a lot of knitting over here these days.

Am throwing a big party for a friend this weekend and the shopping/baking/planning has been eating into my knitting time. Also, have contractors in and out of the house all day renovating a bathroom. Something about the noise and activity that makes sitting down and knitting just not so, well, relaxing. Socializing instead as we make tons of plans to remain out of the house and out of their hair.

I imagine all will be back to normal in another week or so.

In the meantime, felted a hat for a friend using navy Philosopher's Wool and a lighter blue Peace Fleece. Both felted beautifully. Dark blue body, lighter blue brim, lavendar edge. Of course, I gave it away before taking a digital (oops) - it was kind of cool. My first felted hat!

And am making sluggish progress on Grace in Aurora 8. Two sleeves down, am on the left side going up.

In my staying out of the house travels, did manage to pick up some Mountain Colors in an amazing blues and periwinkle colorway. And am proud to say, I stayed away from the big winter sale at Wild and Wooly. Am being good about this stash reduction plan.

More yarn to unload soon - and the person who claimed my burgundy Philosopher's Wools and Wool Boucle and Grey Woo from a couple entries back (go see!) flaked and never wrote back so if anyone out there wants to propose a swap.... stuff still up for grabs. Have a few skeins of Allagash as well, left from the blue chunky cardigan - 3? 4? Also offering it out to the world.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've had this bag of Reynolds Allagash from a previous Knitsmiths Swap and was never sure what I wanted to do with it. Big bag, seemed a shame to get rid of. Nice blue color too. Just not sure what kind of bulky sweater wouldn't make me bulky too. It has a little texture to it, some thick and thinness.

And then I was flipping through the issue of Knitscene and looking for something brainless to do over Christmas - so I could drink and talk and knit at the same time. Or drink and talk and hold knitting in my lap maybe. It didn't look flattering but it was maybe the world's easiest cardigan. it was categorized under "ready to move beyond scarves". I'm thinking yes. How can I screw this up? What better than chunky ribbing? Size 13 needles? I had to change the math a little for my yarn, but not much. I only added cuffs to fold back.

It's constructed kind of differently - start with the sleeves and do a T shaped body,
then seam down the back. You can see it here laid out after blocking.
Even though it was "ready to move beyond scarves" I apparently miscounted somewhere (blame the egg nog) and flubbed up the back so the sides didn't exactly match, but was able to move the ribs and neck around to hide those extra 2 ribs. Must remember not to wear a ponytail - hair down would hide it best.

Not sure if I'll wear it out in public, but I kind of like it.
If I do, I'll definitely change the jockey undershirt and nasty pink jeans!