Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've had this bag of Reynolds Allagash from a previous Knitsmiths Swap and was never sure what I wanted to do with it. Big bag, seemed a shame to get rid of. Nice blue color too. Just not sure what kind of bulky sweater wouldn't make me bulky too. It has a little texture to it, some thick and thinness.

And then I was flipping through the issue of Knitscene and looking for something brainless to do over Christmas - so I could drink and talk and knit at the same time. Or drink and talk and hold knitting in my lap maybe. It didn't look flattering but it was maybe the world's easiest cardigan. it was categorized under "ready to move beyond scarves". I'm thinking yes. How can I screw this up? What better than chunky ribbing? Size 13 needles? I had to change the math a little for my yarn, but not much. I only added cuffs to fold back.

It's constructed kind of differently - start with the sleeves and do a T shaped body,
then seam down the back. You can see it here laid out after blocking.
Even though it was "ready to move beyond scarves" I apparently miscounted somewhere (blame the egg nog) and flubbed up the back so the sides didn't exactly match, but was able to move the ribs and neck around to hide those extra 2 ribs. Must remember not to wear a ponytail - hair down would hide it best.

Not sure if I'll wear it out in public, but I kind of like it.
If I do, I'll definitely change the jockey undershirt and nasty pink jeans!


Manise said...

Pretty cardi. I like the drape and it doesn't make one look chunky at all. It's constructed in one piece? Must have been quite a lapful towards the end.

What issue of Knitscene did you find it in?

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely wear it in public! It's very flattering and looks cozy and warm. I'd say you moved beyond scarves.

Thea said...

Tks for commenting!
I think there's only been one issue of Knitscene - the one with the red cardigan & belt on the cover. It was actually two pcs, knit from the sleeves in - but still, yes, a lapful.

Manise said...


What was the color on the ball band? Was it the 613 a greyish blue or the brighter blue 641?
Thanks, Manise

Thea said...

613 - the grayer one.

Dani said...

That looks wonderful! And, my favorite color :)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous sweater! It looks good on you - at least where we can't see the 2 extra rows. (You can claim them as design feature.)

I have never seen a Knitscene magazine around here - and it would need to be two or three years old if I did. So I guess I won't get to try out this pattern.
Shame. I really quite like it.

Good work,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
P.S. I hit the wrong key previously - so you may have received a part message. Sorry.