Thursday, January 19, 2006

I did manage to get a little done on Grace - have one complete front side and two sleeves. Here's the side on our new leathah sofa. I still love the Aurora 8 and the purple color is growing on me. Still not getting to do a lot on it - besides the contractors, I've been single parenting the past few days. Not a knitting friendly environment.

But, quite the shopping setup. Must get out of the house, yes?

In addition to my violetas Malabrigo on the front burner, I now own a gorgeous skein of Mountain Colors in periwinkles and beiges. They are a little similar - both match my purple winter coat perfectly, so we'll see what gets made. Maybe combine them in something or make two projects??? Not sure they'll actually combine well.

And yes that's another skein in the background. I now own some woofy Lorna's Laces in my girls' favorite combo. None of that fingerling weight stuff, but some more substantial merino. It's like butter. I had to have it. Couldn't leave it at Wiild and Wooly, so here it is.

And - a question that's been bugging me for ages, but I just re-found the postcard with the pattern. Anyone know what Interweave Knits this blue sweater came from? I love it, and have even emailed them, but got no answer. It's a v neck-ish pullover with openweave stitching around the top of the body and edges. Have any of you seen it? Made it? Have the pattern?

Anyways, I hope to be back online and knitting again soon. In the meantime, I'll probably keep this once a week schedule - and keep lurking around reading all your progress in the meantime - hope to see some of you on Sunday!


Elisabeth said...

I just startled my husband by exclaiming "OH that's pretty!!" when I saw that LL yarn. :-)

Areli said...

The top is Remembering Honey designed by Leigh Radford from Ik Spring 2003.

Mmmmm....I like your yarn, very pretty!

Dani said...

Love the new yarns :) You just can't go wrong with Mountain COlors :)