Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A drink for me and a scarf for Maya - this is the Lorna's Laces I bought last week. Am taking a short cable break and wanted to learn the zigzag thing. I modified the pattern in scarf style, and am planning some yellow pom poms and maybe a few yellow stripes on the other end side. We'll see how much LL I have... The zig zags are pretty fun.
I've been told (by a few people lately) that I seem to have fallen off (or on, as the case may be) the wagon. So here -- to prove I am still the lush you all expect me to be -- a cocktail!
Not a babycocktail, since my babycocktail partner is trying to have a second baby, and can not be counted on in the near future to provide me with either baby and drinking company, but a cocktail nonetheless. That's the closest thing I got to an excuse for the recipe vacation over here - that and the fact that it never dawns on me to take a shot of the beer or wine I'm having instead.
I spent the morning trucking a two year old around thrift stores and the afternoon in the house with the contractor and the two kids only to realize that I completely forgot to take one of 'em to the theatre lessons on Tuesday afternoon for which I paid a buttload of money. And then I had to console my sobbing daughter that they wouldn't give her part in the play to someone who actually made it to all the meetings because THEIR Mom remembered stuff like that. So today, I decided a beer just wasn't going to cut it. The rest of the jigger has my name on it if my husband doesn't come home soon...
It's a modified vodka tonic -
orange infused vodka, tonic, lemon and a shot of peach schnapps - I did want something sweet.... and then more soda water to tone down the too sweet peachiness.
And an extra lemon since the soda water didn't do the job itself.
But now, pretty good.
I'm out of practice.


Gayle G. said...

What no comments yet? It is a sweet drink from a very sweet lady - and I mean that in the best way possible. Thanks