Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not forget it as in I'm not doing it, but forget it as in something I'm going to churn out in a few days.

Turns out my yarn is all wrong - too thick for a warmish weather hat, and has no elasticity at all. It's a beautiful cotton, just not for this. I gotta get new stuff - something with no wool in it, fairly delicate, somewhat warm - but not too warm since the woman lives in LA. She's extra picky - most likely to call with a "thanks, but it's not perfect". Therefore I must make it perfect. Will take time....

Instead, I'll start socks #2 today and plan yarn shopping this weekend (always fun) - It will be a few weeks before the hat is really needed anyways - and better it's late and gets used than early and not, right?

Any suggestions for a good DK weight cotton with some elasticity, that's soft and warmish? (I know it's LA, but she insists her head gets cold....)