Thursday, February 09, 2006

because look at the havoc I'm creating with my spare time. Can't cast on till tomorrow, so really why start something new before then?

I decided the family room needed to be painted and painted NOW (last night, during Lost - usually knitting time).

I had already bought the supplies the day before, when during Zoe's nap (again knitting time) I decided this had to happen. The current yellow was too pale, too boring, too yesterday's news. The NEW yellow is much deeper and darker! Oooooo. I do like it. But honestly, it's still yellow. Not a huge difference to the outside eye. And it cost a whopping $80. Will finish up tonight.

But the actual painting needs to be done when Zoe's asleep, so what project did I tackle this AM while she was awake? Shopping! All the crap we need for our soon to be finished bathroom. Yep. Another $200 of hooks, towel bars, toothbrush and soap holders and a little cabinet (not in photo). A few of my new items are displayed on the turlet seat. Lovely.

I haven't even picked paint or towels to match in there yet...

Looks like the yarn habit is actually a financially smart move. This other stuff adds up fast. Maybe faster than yarn.

But, I'm wandering around town covered in paint, with a ponytail, no makeup and my shittiest jeans and a huge paint splattered T shirt. I'm much more presentable after a morning of knitting...

But I can already see a few more things that could use some attention ... Maybe tomorrow AM we'll do some more....