Monday, February 13, 2006

Am about to turn the heel - Dani's (Sunshine Yarns) yarn is just striping along... Again though, the color is off in the shot. It's purple, periwinkle and yellow.

Thought Id get much more done this weekend in the snow but lots of things were happening over here - I have a houseguest in from Denmark and we had my little one's second birthday celebration with Granny and Grampy on Saturday - Turns out Granny used to be quite the knitter - she loved argyle socks and fisherman knits. Who knew?? She's my husband's stepmother, so I never did. I've only seen her knit garter stitch scarves in the past few years. Now she's begun a new afghan! Yay Granny!!!

I made an awesome (if I do say so myself) cioppino yesterday which took a while but was worth it. All this socializing cuts into the olympic progress. So it's a slower start out of the gates than one may have thought - and I had to frog a few rows on the heel when I got out of sync - so take off a half point for distraction... but I do think I'll get 'em done in plenty of time. If I'm super early, I may go for another pair - but don't get cocky, right?

Changed to bamboo needles - shorter bamboo needles - and what a difference! Am taking my band aids off and even starting to like this. But must see how this heel-turning escapade turns out. Will post again later if I get it!

Ah, and for cocktails -- what my husband likes to call a "ski lodge" (which is really funny coming from a LA Jew who I've never even seen on skis) was on the menu this weekend.

One mug about 2/3 full of hot chocolate
An oz (or so....) of peppermint schnapps
A touch of milk
Marshmallows for garnish!

It's like a York Peppermint Patty in a mug. Mmmmm. We also got the fixins for mulled wine, but it was pretty hard to beat the ski lodge. Drank the wine plain with dinner instead!


Colleen said...

Oooh, I want a ski lodge. Mmm. Not much knitting would get done after one of those, let me tell you.

Monica said...

Sock is looking good! Mmm, ski lodge. Gotta see if I have some peppermint schnapps tonight.

janna said...

Hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps will always remind me of college football games.....

Thea said...

Janna, that's where I first found out about the combo - sneaking the schnapps into the "stadium" (really a big field with bleachers) in a flask, and the hot chocolate in the thermos for if (and they never did) they checked!

I went to school in upstate NY - so it was butt cold out there!