Sunday, February 19, 2006

Under construction

And done. Socks aaaalllll done. Nice knees shot. Think I need some moisturizer?

I know it's early in the games and that this wasn't a real exercise in time management. The whole sock challenge was more about trying something I didn't really have a big desire to knit. I saw everyone else doing em, but they really seemed a little too technical, too fussy, and I was not not not going to do anything on those frigging little needles. But I did - turned the heel, did the gusset, kitchenered the toes. And although I don't dig those #1s too much, I managed not to use up all my kids' Scooby Doo band aids. And I like these - kind of funky, very comfy.

But it is early in the competition, so I have another event to add.

Another smaller one, but a project I like and I've tried before and been frustrated with, so again - points for technical difficulty? It's Marnie McClean's Nautilus Hat. I know it's not crazy hard, but I CANNOT knit that thing. Have tried like 3 times before and always given up after a few days. Something about the counting that's just beyond me. I"m a pretty big idiot when it comes to following directions that don't spell it out EXACTLY - I tend to go off and figure out a new solution for myself... and Marnie leaves a few details up to the knitter here - where exactly do you increase? Think I'll email her for the specifics and finally get it done.

If I make it an Olympic Challenge, I'll eventually either shoot myself or figure it out so.... it's going to be a chemo cap for someone about to begin treatment this week, so I need to send it off, wishes included, by next weekend. She's gone through all this before, and usually slaps a baseball hat on. But no self respecting LA woman can turn her back on fashion, can they? And an older woman in one of those matching sweatsuits, fanny pack and baseball hat? A walking DON'T. So a more attractive chemo cap for when she wants to see and be seen. Maybe she'll even ditch the fanny pack if I make a matching bag...

And before I sign off...... see this?
Yep, that's a brand new ball winder. Got myself a little birthday present with Grandma's check this year. Always wanted one. Will have lots of fun winding everything in the stash into attractive and space saving center pull balls. And no, I don't have a swift. What I've got is an enthusiastic 6 year old with able arms instead. We 've been taking turns holding or winding.

And the drink? It's kind of a Rum and Tab. Diet Coke, Lemon and Rum. Sounds a little scary, but it really hit the spot! Don't judge till you've had one.....


Colleen said...

Yay! Great socks!