Sunday, February 26, 2006

See, if you set your expectations low, and change the rules a few times to suit your needs (as in not doing it, yes doing it, changing the pattern so I CAN do it) it all works out. Not sure who that makes me Olympic-wise, but hey.

And doesn't Maya look sweet in her Granny's hat? It's a little big, so the holes don't all look even on her head. Or maybe they aren't really even in real life, I haven't looked too closely yet!


Dani said...

aww! So cute! Now that I have met the cutie, its just that much better! Nice running into yesterday :)

Jofrog said...

Yeah, what a quick knit! I hope she loves it, or knows better to tell you otherwise. Good for you to be the bigger person.

Kathy said...

Great to meet you on Sunday! Your projects are lovely.