Thursday, February 02, 2006

Yep that's right. I don't know if it's Alison's cool maps, Colleen's slippers, the fact that I've been watching the Knitsmiths do it so many times, or the Sunshine Yarn Dani made in my stash, but I have this itch to try a pair.

Almost done with Grace, just finishing up the back and will put it all together within the week, I'm hoping! The socks seem like a good break from cables and sweaters and I do want to try something new so, hey. I even have a set of #3 DPNs.

Does anyone know a good beginner sock pattern out there on the web? I have seen a few, but don't know how to judge what's going to work well or what's too complicated.

Something simple, basic - you know, a classic sock. I just don't really want to buy a book since this might be my only pair. (I imagine the itch will soon give way to enthusiasm, but for now, it does seem like toe in the pool caution, doesn't it?)


colleen said...

You know the Knitsmiths: we're always doin' it :-).

jessie said...

I didn't know you were allowed to have a knit blog if you weren't already a sock knitter (although I barely am one myself). Below are a few links, but I'm sure you could google plenty more in just a few seconds.

My one piece of advice, given from my experience with my first sock pattern, which I downloaded from the Internet: Trust the Instructions. That ol' short-row heel thing just didn't make sense to me so I ignored it, assuming the pattern was wrong. I ignored it 3 times. The fourth time, I gave in, followed the instructions, and got a lovely pair of socks. :-) Have fun!

Jofrog said...

My absolute favorite beginner/basic sock pattern is the free one from Lion Brand. It explains things in ways that no other pattern I've come across does. It also uses 5 needles, rather than 4, which is definitely more comfortable and more portable.

Of course you could always ask almost any Knitsmith and she could write one up for you in 5 minutes, it just becomes ingrained in your mind and ends up as easy as a scarf, but so much more fun!