Friday, March 31, 2006

So today's cocktail matches the flowers.
Pretty, aren't they?
Both of them.

With the 70 degree weather and the sun out, we had to do some drinks on the deck - even if my partner is now visibly preggers with the twins, who can argue with cocktail hour on a day like today? I made this tasty concoction without the octane, but my babycocktails buddy is a drinking girl at heart. She took one sip and said, "Yep, this would be fabulous with a little gin."

And it is. But it doesn't have a name -- any thoughts?
(lets see if anyone's out there....)

Polar Pomegranate Dry - Pomegranate juice w/ fizz already in it - maybe 2/3 glass,
tonic water a little more than a spash to de-sweeten the pom juice,
splash of OJ,
orange slices
A shot of gin.

On the knitting front, am almost up to the end of the yoke on Hourglass - should get it done tonight. But again, won't bore you with more navy blue photos. I do love this yarn - and the sweater so far. Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So I got this far:

Before I was faced with this.

She was being such a pill, she wouldn't even look at the camera.
Then again, who's the idiot mom that, faced with a cranky kid,
takes out the digital for a blog shot???

That put the kabosh on further yoking.
But I have high hopes for some more during Lost tonight!
We lost our first tooth!

And the newest wool related news around here is this.

We finally ditched the $29.99 rug that I bought from Busvan for Bargains in San Francisco - when I graduated from college. That means we 've been using it since 1991, when I bought it for my first apartment in San Francisco. That thing was fugly. And you can imagine what was ground into it's little fibers. Many cocktails. Lots of snacks. Two babies. Many diapers. And more diapers. Eeeeeew. It wasn't even that nice to begin with.

But this - this, we love.
Unfortunately we'll be wrapping the children in stain proof saran wrap for a few years.

As for actual knitting, we've been outside a lot lately - and Hourglass isn't in a portable state these days. But I am up to the yoke (yay). Three skeins left. Should make it.

Have an extra kid here this AM so am hoping they play nice and I can get some yoking done! Will even take the navy blue photo if I have some yoke completed. I may have to do some additional body though, it looks way short -

Also am getting ready to begin the next project - about which I am sooo excited. It's not for me. It's for my Mom. ... more on that later, but in the meantime, here's a preview:

Noro Silk Garden in Greens, Grays and Blues. Mmmm.

I've been spoiled. The skeins aren't half as pretty when not wound into their center pull balls!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hubby trapped in Milwaukee, so no one to talk to. Seems the plane hit the jetway (huh?) and there was a big delay. Am not impressed with the pilot. Isn't the jetway a really large stationary object?


Sangria was a big hit. Here's the final recipe:

One bottle of cheap white wine (the big bottle) Yellowtail Chardonnay
A few oz of Peach Schnapps
About a 1/2 cup of sparkling water (seltzer, club soda, whatever)
Strawberry Peach juice - about 1 cup
cut up one orange, 1 pear and add a bunch of grapes sliced

Lets go see what's on TV and knit up some sleeve.

New flowers, new day. And it's warm out!
(cant' find the photo of the damn flowers. They're pretty.
Orange ones again with blue hyacinths thrown in too. But you can't see em.)

Yes you can. Found and edited it back in.
Amazing technology.

Maybe we don't have to move back to CA after all.
It would complicate a lot of shit around here if we did.

Anyways, working away at the Hourglass sweater. Have the body done and am onto arm #1. Easy and kind of boring, but perfect for late night knitting, which is all that's getting done around here. Think I will like it alot.

And now that Massachusetts has decided to act like spring is here, a few FOs I should post before we move onto cottons. The first is Coronet from Knitty, done in Malabrigo. I love it. It's awesome and I have been wearing it everywhere - (and any of you that know me know THAT'S true. You're sick of this frigging hat.) But it matches my periwinkle coat perfectly.
And again, I love it.

The second is a shawl from Jane Ellison's Queensland Collection, made of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran and the Jo Sharp version of Kidsilk Haze, which I'm sure has some name but I forget it. Have kept this up in the closet for a bit, because it turns out I look stupid with a big shawl over my shoulders - I'm way too short for a big ol thing like this.) But it happens to match our new sofa perfectly so now it lives downstairs and we'll call it a throw instead of a shawl.

So... ta da.

Trust me, these two photos were more interesting than navy blue stocking stitch.

But on the cocktail front:

Am making white wine sangria for Mom's Night Out tonight.
White Wine
a little Ginger Ale - maybe sparkling water (we'll try it both ways)
a little Peach/Apple juice
cut up fruit - oranges, pears & grapes
ice cubes!

yep, that's springy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

OK, bite me.
I'm moving back to SF if this keeps up.

Monday, March 20, 2006

so why's it like two degrees out there? Ignoring that, I've got my new bright springy flowers on the table anyways. Don't they look pretty? There's something about orange flowers that I just love.

In that spirit, we're off to the Christmas Tree shop this morning. Will need a new pitcher and some plastic cups for cocktails on the deck before long. I'll just pretend it feels like spring and go today. Who knows what other treasures we might find....

And on knitting news, the Hourglass sweater is coming along. I'm two and a half skeins in and working the increasses a few inches under the arms.

This photo is a day old already and somewhat overexposed - made a bunch more progress at Knitsmiths yesterday.

Love Love Love this yarn.
Jo Sharp Silkroad DK. Navy blue with lots of brightly colored flecks in it. .

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sorry, not knitting much. Have dead ends on my hands.

Craig's socks turned out to be a no go. Found that out halfway into #1, so not so bad. Fit off, 2 skeins not enough. And, yep, too scratchy for his tender tootsies.

Then I decided to do something nice and knitterly anways for him. I ruined the original sweater I made him by trying to shorten it and creating some horrendous cropped size. (how nice and knitterly, huh?) The bare midriff is best without hair on your belly button.

Then I began an "I'm sorry" sweater - Cal from Rowan Cork, only to realize that the man looks kind of bad in black, and that I didn't have enough for a man's sweater, and that my gauge was all off. Done. Way Done. Apparently I shouldn't knit for my husband right now.

So, up on the KnittyBoard, 8 skeins of Cork.

I'm thinking spring. I'm thinking something for me. Something I can't really screw up.

The Hourglass Sweater out of my Jo Sharp Dk Tweed, which I love and cannot find a good patttern for. I think the simple sweater will show off the texture and color pretty well. I got Serpentine - navy blue with flecks of pink and turquoise and gray. Will be good with jeans.

Off to make a drink and begin a swatch....

Thursday, March 09, 2006

These guys were so fun to knit! Everyone who saw me making them loved 'em. And it was a perfect project for this Cherry Tree Hill Potluck in bright greens and blues.

I lengthened the Bronto's body a little to make him loooong. He looks a little like a T Rex in the photo, but I promise he's very long and bronto like. My husband added the trees for effect (see, they are so cute, even he had to get in on the dino action - and he usually ignores all the knitting going on over here unless it involves him...)

Speaking of involving him though, anyone who read my blog in the summer knew about the sweater I knit for him - and re knit and had non matching yarn for and then reknit again and so on and so on... Anyways, when it was all done, it was OK. Not great but OK. The sleeves were a little weirdly wide - since I had to shorten em and couldn't make enough decreases off the raglan arms.. The middle had a stripe of off color yarn which kind of bugged me. And it was long. Way long. Like below the zipper long - like we wore in the 80s with leggings. It didn't really bug him (or so he said) but when the seemingly fashion oblivious scientist husband (the man wears suspenders!!) of a friend of mine mentioned it, I figured it was way too embarassing for him to continue wearing it around in public.

So I cut and frogged and reknit a new border. And he put it on - so happy, so optimistic - until he realized we went from 80s long to 80s cropped. Really cropped. He tells me he always wanted a midriff bearing sweater, but I'm not convinced it's a good idea. Especially if I have to claim husband ownership when he sports it around town.

So, the next project. Rowan Cork. I have the 10 skeins, frogged off the cabled cardigan. And I have the pattern book. And he likes Cal. Cal looks pretty easy and flattering. Big ribs, roll neck, garter sleeves. I'm off. Will warn you ahead of time - probably no pics. Black yarn doesn't take good pics. I'll try to do something fun and colorful on the side so you aren't too bored.

And fellow knitsmiths - won't be there this week, but will next. Am clearing stuff out again - a few things for whoever claims 'em first. so much easier to bring to knitting than to post and mail all over creation...

My aunt in London was sweet enough to dig up (someplace) a Kaffe Fasset book - the sweater designs are pretty 80s themselves, but the actual intarsia patterns might do one of you some good - they are kind of cool, flowers, zigzags, all kinds of stuff. It's a hardback and I can't remember the name (it's upstairs). If you really care, let me know and I'll check. Could give someone some good ideas?

Have a bag of Debbie Bliss Cotton squares in various colors. My Mom began an afghan and doesn't want it. I frogged many and made bags of matching skeins but have these left. Anyone want Debbie Bliss cotton orphans? Let me know and I'll bring it on next Sunday (18). Lots of colors - red, white, various blues, brown, orange, pink, navy, purple, olive green maybe...

Also have a cone of a nice colored red cotton. Pretty thin - thicker than laceweight, but not something I want to tackle. I wound a few skeins on my nifty ball winder, but most of it is still on the cone. There's lots. I'll bring it if someone wants, if not, I'll save it for swaptime!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Someone just wrote and told me to try pipe cleaners in the legs. Genius. See if that helps Bronty out. In the meantime, I made this guy's legs way shorter, seems to make a difference. I also did some seaming where the two legs have "axles" between them that were tightened so they don't splay out like the first dino. Also seems to help.

I changed the frill around her neck - made it longer and didn't pin it down. She's got a big ol fan now. Like it. Might also add some triangles to her tail. We'll see if I"m not dino'd out later on....

off for the weekend, back Monday! Long car ride ahead, no cocktail.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You can't really see his eyes and mouth in the photo but you get the idea. I need to come up with a better name than "Mr Stegs" and make his buddies. Going to do the triceratops next and am thinking of how I can make Bronty into a T Rex. Think it can be done?
As you can see, I had a little trouble with the aerodynamics of animal creation, so he's kind of a squatting dino. Actually he's looking more like a komodo dragon or alligator, with short, useless legs so he'll kind of drag his ass around the jungle. Not too encouraging for my T Rex, but we'll see if the next one can stand up any better.
But really, how cute is he? Or as I heard recently, "how stinkin' cute"?
Wicked easy pattern, fun to do, and barely made a dent in the yarn I have here.
Could be more dino batches in my future.
If only I can make em stand up. Lucky for him he eats shrubs and low lying greenery.