Friday, March 31, 2006

So today's cocktail matches the flowers.
Pretty, aren't they?
Both of them.

With the 70 degree weather and the sun out, we had to do some drinks on the deck - even if my partner is now visibly preggers with the twins, who can argue with cocktail hour on a day like today? I made this tasty concoction without the octane, but my babycocktails buddy is a drinking girl at heart. She took one sip and said, "Yep, this would be fabulous with a little gin."

And it is. But it doesn't have a name -- any thoughts?
(lets see if anyone's out there....)

Polar Pomegranate Dry - Pomegranate juice w/ fizz already in it - maybe 2/3 glass,
tonic water a little more than a spash to de-sweeten the pom juice,
splash of OJ,
orange slices
A shot of gin.

On the knitting front, am almost up to the end of the yoke on Hourglass - should get it done tonight. But again, won't bore you with more navy blue photos. I do love this yarn - and the sweater so far. Happy Weekend!


Anna said...

It's a Pom-pom fizzle. ;) Looks delish!

Anonymous said...

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