Thursday, March 23, 2006

New flowers, new day. And it's warm out!
(cant' find the photo of the damn flowers. They're pretty.
Orange ones again with blue hyacinths thrown in too. But you can't see em.)

Yes you can. Found and edited it back in.
Amazing technology.

Maybe we don't have to move back to CA after all.
It would complicate a lot of shit around here if we did.

Anyways, working away at the Hourglass sweater. Have the body done and am onto arm #1. Easy and kind of boring, but perfect for late night knitting, which is all that's getting done around here. Think I will like it alot.

And now that Massachusetts has decided to act like spring is here, a few FOs I should post before we move onto cottons. The first is Coronet from Knitty, done in Malabrigo. I love it. It's awesome and I have been wearing it everywhere - (and any of you that know me know THAT'S true. You're sick of this frigging hat.) But it matches my periwinkle coat perfectly.
And again, I love it.

The second is a shawl from Jane Ellison's Queensland Collection, made of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran and the Jo Sharp version of Kidsilk Haze, which I'm sure has some name but I forget it. Have kept this up in the closet for a bit, because it turns out I look stupid with a big shawl over my shoulders - I'm way too short for a big ol thing like this.) But it happens to match our new sofa perfectly so now it lives downstairs and we'll call it a throw instead of a shawl.

So... ta da.

Trust me, these two photos were more interesting than navy blue stocking stitch.

But on the cocktail front:

Am making white wine sangria for Mom's Night Out tonight.
White Wine
a little Ginger Ale - maybe sparkling water (we'll try it both ways)
a little Peach/Apple juice
cut up fruit - oranges, pears & grapes
ice cubes!

yep, that's springy.


Suzanne said...

Hey, I like your Coronet! I was eyeing this pattern a couple of months ago. Perhaps I'll give it a shot in Malabrigo as well or perhaps Green Mountain Spinnery. On the blue/orange/floral theme, being from CA you must miss Birds of Paradise. They grew all over LA, outside of the most unassuming 1970s-vintage boxlike apartment buildings (right, like mine). While at the San Diego Zoo, I was faintly shocked to discover that there's a *bird* called Bird of Paradise, which looks quite like the flower (or vice versa).