Monday, March 20, 2006

so why's it like two degrees out there? Ignoring that, I've got my new bright springy flowers on the table anyways. Don't they look pretty? There's something about orange flowers that I just love.

In that spirit, we're off to the Christmas Tree shop this morning. Will need a new pitcher and some plastic cups for cocktails on the deck before long. I'll just pretend it feels like spring and go today. Who knows what other treasures we might find....

And on knitting news, the Hourglass sweater is coming along. I'm two and a half skeins in and working the increasses a few inches under the arms.

This photo is a day old already and somewhat overexposed - made a bunch more progress at Knitsmiths yesterday.

Love Love Love this yarn.
Jo Sharp Silkroad DK. Navy blue with lots of brightly colored flecks in it. .