Saturday, April 29, 2006

And I did it with a thud. This is only part of the damage.

There's been a knitting purchase moratorium around here - no books, no patterns, no yarn. I figure the only way to get through the stash is to duck my head so I can't see all the pretty yarns and stay away from all the yarn stores.

I have been really good the past few months - no yarn, no patterns. The plan was to get through the summer and really make a dent in the stash. But it's not going to work.

I really want to learn to do colorwork this summer and this fishy hat needed to be bought for that project. I think I'll do it in orange, purple, pink. And the stitchonary, well it was too cool to leave there. I have big plans. So where did that wagon go?

I won't go into all the details, but I also got some of fellow Knitsmith Reese's hand dyed yarn. (Knit Honey on etsy!) It looks gorgeous online - purples and greens and deep colors... Mmmm. That will be a scarf for me next fall. In some new stitchonary pattern.

Any other purchases will remain unmentioned for a bit.

So about that wagon, guess I'm off.

And this looks like it'll be done for Mother's Day...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It looks cute in the photo, doesn't it?

Looks aren't everything. There was no pattern, so I was eyeballing the sizing and the kid at the same time. I took the top off of a photo in a book Lisa B had at knitsmiths (that bit turned out great...) thanks Lisa!

Seems I was off a tad - it was strangely tight (the tee shirt I used as a size gauge was apparently meant to stretch more than this yarn is....)

So I had the big idea to make a garter stitch panel under each arm and give it a few inches. Sounds like a good idea doesn't it? A quick fix? It would match the garter above the little loops and around the neckline too. Yep. The quick fix isn't always the best. Especially when your recipient is 6. She'll never wear it now. It doesn't "feel right". And I"m not frogging.

But again, it does look cute in the photo, doesn't it?
Maybe Zoe will like it in a few years.

Next I'm finishing the green sweater by Mother's Day and doing my Green Gable!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Well the green's gone from outside, but in the spirit of spring,
I am continuing to go through my newly acquired stash of DB DK Cotton.
I can wish the warm weather upon us if I continue to ignore any wool and march on, right?

First, a hat for new baby Sam, who lives down the street.

And next, a tank top for Maya, who loves pink and orange together.

And ladies, better now that the black is gone?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

And it's really hard to think about doing this:

When outside it looks like this

So instead we went to the playground, planted flowers, rode bikes, played with chalk, and did our hair on the front stoop.

Just to get some knitting related activity in, I finally put the buttons on my Manos Cardigan - while the chalk and hair styling games were going on.

I've only been wearing it without for how many months?? Told you I can't manage to get jived about sewing...

And thanks for the well wishes, my sis is home - still dizzy, a little woozy, but on the mend. Must come up with a new summery project, maybe then I will want to pick it up!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A little hitch in the weekend plans. Friday morning, my Mom and I were off for a day in Cambridge of shopping, yarn store browsing, coffee drinks and no kids (!!) when we got a call from my sister.

Long story short, my sister is fine now, but she was hit with a freak case of really scary and severe vertigo. We had to pick her up at work and ended up taking her directly to the hospital.
It was a really miserable few days for her. She' s finally back at home now, still a little dizzy and somewhat worse for wear, but OK.

We spent most the rest of our day at the ER - and not to belittle poor Melissa's state, but two knitters, waiting for admission, doctors, test results, etc. for hours without our knitting! We almost made a trip home to get it. Ugh. Just goes to show - ALWAYS travel with at least a small project. I was better prepared when we went back the next day. I managed some real progress hanging out in the room, waiting for the doc, the discharge papers, the wheelchair guy while pretending to ignore the crazy woman in the other half of her room...

The good news is... A finished Green Gable (from Zephyrdesigns) in teal DK Cotton. The pattern was great, the sweater is awesome and it's actually for my sister. in real life, it's even flattering!

It really does help to knit for someone when you can't do anything else for them. As ueless as I was (not everyone enjoys the dumb jokes when things get bad...), I just knit away and showed her whenver she seemed aware enough to care. It definitely made me feel like I was able to do something, and I'll kid myself into thinking it made her feel better too.

I have tons more DK and plan on another for me. vIgnore the lovely linebacker photo - must figure out a good angle for these things. This photo gives me some serious shoulders and a huge rack - not the best look in a headless photo... The yarn came from an afghan my Mom had begun for Melissa and gave up on. She gave me all the yarn, so I had figured it was only appropriate I knit for M before making anything for me.

And next, here is what my Mom was working on all weekend - a baby set for my other sister in CA. She had finished the blankie below and brought it to show. She's also making a matching sweater - kind of a kimono number with little stripes. Got no pics of that one.

And next for me, just finishing the other Green project in my life. The Noro cardigan for Mom! Then I'll be done with the projects for everyone else for a few and concentrate on me. The dark Green Gable. Seems I have replaced purple with a new favorite color.....

And as for cocktails this weekend, just lots and lots of wine. We were a little wiped out. The process of preparing our alchohol would have taken too long once home from the hospital!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Next up, a little something for my Mom. Last time I was visiting her I spied this yarn in her yarn closet and the Jane Ellison book of patterns. It's a visiting home ritual - what have you got in here? Anything you don't want anymore? Anyways, I saw this stuff and had the urge to knit it up for her - and she was happy to pass it off to someone with the time to get it done (she's a busy working woman...)

The pattern is Mavis (who names these things?) It's got chevron lace detail to the boobs and elbows and ss at the yoke and shoulders. The pattern is for a turtleneck, but I'm going to make it into a V neck cardigan. (ha!)

So here's sleeve #1. I love working with Noro - you just never know what stripe will come up next. It's Silk Garden, which I never used before.

Already on the pattern, we've had a few mods. The sleeve has a 12" circumference at the wrist and knit without shaping for 10".. I don't know about you guys, but no one I know needs a 12" wrist opening....Not even sure that's a human arm they're basing it on. So instead of 62 sts, I cast on 50 and went from there. Much better.

No new cocktail recipes at home lately - had a good one out at the Summer Shack yesterday - a Peach Melba Martini. Not bad... Company in town from Seattle - seems we always get those out of towners to either Woodmans, Summer Shack or the Barking Crab -- or Legals. As if they don't have seafood in Seattle??

Monday, April 03, 2006

I really like the finished sweater - I was skeptical, but the fit is perfect. I think it's worth saving the pattern, just to copy the sizing chart on other projects! And I really love this yarn.
(when he snapped the shot, was I walking? dancing? voguing? not sure.)

The part of the pattern I decided not to use was the hemming - I know myself. The waiting a few weeks. And then the sewing would be horribly sloppy. And I'd have to do it a few times. And it would suck anyways. Much like my Miss Bea's cardigan for Zoe - have not managed to put the zipper in yet, and it's been about 4 months! (It won't fit till Fall, so I have time)

Instead, I did THIS at the collar and on the sleeves, a few rows of SS with the purl ridge for show and to keep them from rolling too far. .

The bottom is a plain SS hem. It does roll a little, but there's enough length so I don't end up showing any skin. Either way, I love it!

I didn't flash any stash on April 1, but I did go through my stash and am glad to say the yarn management has gotten pretty good around here. What used to be a bunch of baskets, piles on the futon and bags around the trunk now all fits IN the trunk! I've traded some yarn for books, knitted a few projects, bought a little less (really!) and have a big shopping bag for the next KS swap.

See how nice and tidy?
Only a few skeins in the basket.
Onto the Silk Garden!
And Anna, thanks - pom pom fizz is perfect!