Saturday, April 29, 2006

And I did it with a thud. This is only part of the damage.

There's been a knitting purchase moratorium around here - no books, no patterns, no yarn. I figure the only way to get through the stash is to duck my head so I can't see all the pretty yarns and stay away from all the yarn stores.

I have been really good the past few months - no yarn, no patterns. The plan was to get through the summer and really make a dent in the stash. But it's not going to work.

I really want to learn to do colorwork this summer and this fishy hat needed to be bought for that project. I think I'll do it in orange, purple, pink. And the stitchonary, well it was too cool to leave there. I have big plans. So where did that wagon go?

I won't go into all the details, but I also got some of fellow Knitsmith Reese's hand dyed yarn. (Knit Honey on etsy!) It looks gorgeous online - purples and greens and deep colors... Mmmm. That will be a scarf for me next fall. In some new stitchonary pattern.

Any other purchases will remain unmentioned for a bit.

So about that wagon, guess I'm off.

And this looks like it'll be done for Mother's Day...


colleen said...

Oh the sweater is looking good. And in order to use up the stash, we need inspiration. Patterns should be exempt from any yarny moritoriums.

See you this afternoon?

Gayle said...

great new look on the blog - much easier to read.

Anonymous said...

I love the fishy hat pattern I can't find it can you tell me where I can find this pattern?

Thea said...

The Fishy Hat Pattern - I got it from my Local Yarn Store - they were doing a class with it.
The Knitting Room, 2 Lake Street Arlington MA I don't have the phone # (can you believe it?)

try their website - Jackie who owns the shop is great and I am sure she'd send you a copy.