Sunday, April 16, 2006

A little hitch in the weekend plans. Friday morning, my Mom and I were off for a day in Cambridge of shopping, yarn store browsing, coffee drinks and no kids (!!) when we got a call from my sister.

Long story short, my sister is fine now, but she was hit with a freak case of really scary and severe vertigo. We had to pick her up at work and ended up taking her directly to the hospital.
It was a really miserable few days for her. She' s finally back at home now, still a little dizzy and somewhat worse for wear, but OK.

We spent most the rest of our day at the ER - and not to belittle poor Melissa's state, but two knitters, waiting for admission, doctors, test results, etc. for hours without our knitting! We almost made a trip home to get it. Ugh. Just goes to show - ALWAYS travel with at least a small project. I was better prepared when we went back the next day. I managed some real progress hanging out in the room, waiting for the doc, the discharge papers, the wheelchair guy while pretending to ignore the crazy woman in the other half of her room...

The good news is... A finished Green Gable (from Zephyrdesigns) in teal DK Cotton. The pattern was great, the sweater is awesome and it's actually for my sister. in real life, it's even flattering!

It really does help to knit for someone when you can't do anything else for them. As ueless as I was (not everyone enjoys the dumb jokes when things get bad...), I just knit away and showed her whenver she seemed aware enough to care. It definitely made me feel like I was able to do something, and I'll kid myself into thinking it made her feel better too.

I have tons more DK and plan on another for me. vIgnore the lovely linebacker photo - must figure out a good angle for these things. This photo gives me some serious shoulders and a huge rack - not the best look in a headless photo... The yarn came from an afghan my Mom had begun for Melissa and gave up on. She gave me all the yarn, so I had figured it was only appropriate I knit for M before making anything for me.

And next, here is what my Mom was working on all weekend - a baby set for my other sister in CA. She had finished the blankie below and brought it to show. She's also making a matching sweater - kind of a kimono number with little stripes. Got no pics of that one.

And next for me, just finishing the other Green project in my life. The Noro cardigan for Mom! Then I'll be done with the projects for everyone else for a few and concentrate on me. The dark Green Gable. Seems I have replaced purple with a new favorite color.....

And as for cocktails this weekend, just lots and lots of wine. We were a little wiped out. The process of preparing our alchohol would have taken too long once home from the hospital!


strangelittlemama said...

I love green gable!!
Glas your sister is okay.

Jofrog said...

Oooh, that's a really cute top! I'm glad that you are planning to make one for yourself as well! Hugs to your whole family. They are the best medicine.

Gayle said...

The sweater is EXCELLENT!
And you have learned the lesson from your sister's ordeal - never go to a hospital without something to knit.

Ruby Banshee said...

I've had that vertigo thing a few times before (labyrinthitis?), and it is really horrible. It's hard to describe how terrible it feels, and its really scary. I'm sure she appreciated that you all were there.

And your Green Gable looks great!