Thursday, April 27, 2006

It looks cute in the photo, doesn't it?

Looks aren't everything. There was no pattern, so I was eyeballing the sizing and the kid at the same time. I took the top off of a photo in a book Lisa B had at knitsmiths (that bit turned out great...) thanks Lisa!

Seems I was off a tad - it was strangely tight (the tee shirt I used as a size gauge was apparently meant to stretch more than this yarn is....)

So I had the big idea to make a garter stitch panel under each arm and give it a few inches. Sounds like a good idea doesn't it? A quick fix? It would match the garter above the little loops and around the neckline too. Yep. The quick fix isn't always the best. Especially when your recipient is 6. She'll never wear it now. It doesn't "feel right". And I"m not frogging.

But again, it does look cute in the photo, doesn't it?
Maybe Zoe will like it in a few years.

Next I'm finishing the green sweater by Mother's Day and doing my Green Gable!


Norah said...

Oh, the top and the straps did turn out great--too bad about the sizing! Those colors are so great together!

colleen said...

Oh yeah, I just noticed the no black. It *does* look better.

alison said...

Awww, how sad. You know how kids are! It looks adorable though.

shireen said...

I need a close-up of the area in question. perhaps a bribe would work??