Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Next up, a little something for my Mom. Last time I was visiting her I spied this yarn in her yarn closet and the Jane Ellison book of patterns. It's a visiting home ritual - what have you got in here? Anything you don't want anymore? Anyways, I saw this stuff and had the urge to knit it up for her - and she was happy to pass it off to someone with the time to get it done (she's a busy working woman...)

The pattern is Mavis (who names these things?) It's got chevron lace detail to the boobs and elbows and ss at the yoke and shoulders. The pattern is for a turtleneck, but I'm going to make it into a V neck cardigan. (ha!)

So here's sleeve #1. I love working with Noro - you just never know what stripe will come up next. It's Silk Garden, which I never used before.

Already on the pattern, we've had a few mods. The sleeve has a 12" circumference at the wrist and knit without shaping for 10".. I don't know about you guys, but no one I know needs a 12" wrist opening....Not even sure that's a human arm they're basing it on. So instead of 62 sts, I cast on 50 and went from there. Much better.

No new cocktail recipes at home lately - had a good one out at the Summer Shack yesterday - a Peach Melba Martini. Not bad... Company in town from Seattle - seems we always get those out of towners to either Woodmans, Summer Shack or the Barking Crab -- or Legals. As if they don't have seafood in Seattle??


Dani said...

Pretty! You said boobs :) Make me giggle.

Wendy DG said...

Thanks for the comment on my stash. I ADORE green. The yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it finished.