Wednesday, May 31, 2006

while I was gone...

Seems Maya likes her tank top now and has been wearing it around. Bad photo, but you get the idea. Might have something to do with the necklaces and bracelets she decided match just PERFECTLY. Guess she just needed a little bling to complete the look.... J. Lo would be proud. After this photo, we also took some leftover pink ribbon yarn and also added some simple embroidery stripes along the neck and bottom. Now she's got accesories and a little extra bling on the sweater itself. Do I have a photo of that? Of course not. Take my word.

Also, finishedanother halter style top for little Gracie, our buddy. It's really just a variation on the theme I used for Maya's above tank. Personally, I like this new version better and since I have a lot more of the DK in pinks and purples, I see another one coming for Maya pretty soon. Maybe matching ones for both of my girls? The stripes just seem to add something that the orange one above doesn't have. And the little ties make it a guaranteed fit. Just as Maya guessed, it needed a little something anyways. Some pizzaz. Some color. Some stripes. (Apparently my scalloped edges are blowin' in the wind here .)

And lastly, my vacation project. I was gone from Weds night to Monday afternoon. Got a lot of knitting done on the plane, various trains and car trips, and in a few pubs. SubwayKnitter would be proud.

One of my buddies took a digital of me hard at work in an old old pub with my pint, but I don't have it to post. She'll send it to me eventually.

So... all around London and the surrounding area we went, my Cambridge Cardigan and I.

We also visited the Cotswolds and saw some beautiful towns. Gotta say, I was surprised. NEVER saw another knitter. NEVER saw a knitting store!! Even in the Cotswolds - sheep everywhere, not a skein to be found. Where were all those British knitters? I asked around in a few wool stores (that featured completed wool items) and a craft store or two.

Did find a store in Harpenden (the town my friend lived in) called Threads or Stitches or something like that. They had a back corner with a few skeins of Rowan, some books, and a supply of needles. They really seemed to specialize in gift items and ceramics. That was the closest we got.

We talked about heading over to Islington to visit Loop, but since it was the only thing we wanted to see over there, we nixed the idea. Wow. I was surprised. Guess I'm spoiled. Knitting stores in every town around me - Cambridge, Arlington, Lexington, Belmont, Winchester. How many in downtown Boston that I know of? 3? Brookline, Needham, Portsmouth... I could go on. And on. And we don't have HALF as many sheep as they do!

But honestly, I wasn't over there to see knitting stores, I was there to see England! And see it I did. Walked all over the city. Went to Portobello Road. Saw a show in the theatre. We had a great time - ate lots of yummy stuff - scones, crumpets, Indian Food, fish and chips. Saw lots - the city, the towns and the Cotswolds. And enjoyed a few pints. A few. My waistband says MORE than a few....

And just look at what I managed to get done! It's the Interweave Knits Cambridge Cardigan in Cascade 220. The color here looks nasty, but it's a deep slate bluish green with hints of purple in it. Go back a post or two and you'll see.

OK, should pay more attention to the two toddlers in my care this morning. Hope those of you who went to the Fiber Fest had a great time -

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How come no one can understand why I must wind 6 skeins of Cascade into center pull balls, copy the pattern from the magazine, gather my notions and needles, and check my gauge before I can even think about packing incidentals like clothing, a passport, and other less exciting or important items?

Two projects all set and organized to go. Craig's cardigan and my halfway done little girl tank top.

No passport or clothing yet. There's still 24 hours before the car comes for me.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Kind of between projects. I have about 4 things on the needles right now and am not really invested in any of 'em. Ever have that happen? So many things I WANT to knit, but I'm not motivated to think them through.

Maybe I've gotten so deep in the stash, I just don't have any A list yarn left.

Or maybe I am so sick and tired of Debbie Bliss DK that I need a break.

Or maybe I just need a bit o inspiration....

Last night at Knitsmiths, I actually decided I didn't like the way my socks were turning out and frogged them right off their magic loop. I had Alison on one shoulder saying "do it" and Colleen on the other shoulder saying "no - save it!" In the end, Alison won. Probably because I wasn't in love with the finished product anyways and the yarn deserves better. Something that will show off it's peachy pinky goodness.

So looking for the above mentioned inspiration, I went off to Wild and Woolly for some Cascade 220. Last summer, some of you might remember I spent a few months knitting for my hubby. Didn't go so well. This summer we'll give it another go. I'm doing the Cambridge Cardigan from the latest IK. With an actual pattern and the suggested yarn (yep, that's ME, using the SUGGESTED yarn this time - at the low low low price of $42, how could I not? How much do we love Cascade 220???)

I'll probably not follow the pattern in some way shape or form - he's already requested I lower the vampire-like collar visible in the photo - but for now - here's my lovely heathered Cascade 220 - a deep tealy lightish blue with flecks of color in it. And hey, that's a sucky shot of it.

He's in Wisconsin right now on business, so I'm starting something else while we await yarn approval. Another little girl tank top in leftover cotton DK.... something small enough to finish tonight watching TV and drinking my wine.

So bye for a bit - will post again when I return from the UK.
Not sure what I'll be bringing to knit - guess it will be a surprise to both of us.....

And have fun, you guys who are off to the fiber fest - pat some yarn for me!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Or just knitting up a storm inside due to the storms outside. Anyways, a finished object always calls for pics and some public admiration, so check out the above.

Maya took the photo of me - finally we gave up on anything actually flattering - I think I have 4 chins in this one... Either way, I think this will be the perfect scarf for my London buddy, Becky. She gets it next week!

And now for some Magic Loop.
I realized too late that the Magic isn't that the needles make you a pair of socks..
damn them.

For $12, what did I expect? But undaunted, I'm going to find myself an online tutorial and figure these babies out. An old Interweave with some cool Cable Rib Socks, some great sockyarn (from Colleen of Subwayknitter - it's a beautiful pink and peach and brown colorway from Dorchester Farms that she gave me a while back) and my first pair of Addis. How can I go wrong?

But Colleen, since the Gloucester turned up at the swap, I have a batch of something blue for you - otherwise the knitterly karma will remain out of balance... I'll drop stitches or something!

I have promised some socks to my Grandma, so will be bringing the project on my trip - and I think Magic Loop is going to be way easier to keep together in a bag/on the plane than the ol DPNs. Any advice from you guys on where to look?

Edited an hour later to say: I figured out the Magic - no advice necessary. One good page with pics online and an episode of Angel was all it took. Pretty easy once you figure out the logic. Stay tuned and we'll see if some socks develop.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Turn around and there's another one!

Really, the combo of nasty weather and sick kiddo makes for some quality knitting time. I tried to nap when she did, but the siren song of the fishies could be heard above all else. So I gave in.

And then I still had time on my hands. Knitting time. So here's the big ol Noro scarf I'm making as a gift for the woman who I'm about to visit in London next week. (Yay, I'm off for a long weekend across the Pond - without any kiddos, sick or healthy!)

It's a Rebecca pattern from an old magazine I have - called Lace Scarf (imaginative folks, those German knitters who name Rebecca patterns). In reality, it's very similar to the stitch in Green Gable. The Noro looks kind of cool and wavy in the lace pattern, but when I block it, I'm curious what'll happen. I'm going with a purple, rust, green, brown colorway - don't know if any shots taken in today's light would do it justice, but it's kinda cool. She has a brown coat and light light blond hair - I think it'll look groovy on her.

And now I must leave the cozy cocoon of the blog. I am soooooo tired of being here with my kids. You know I'm avoiding the rest of the house if I can post twice in two days.

And this rain.... how do people live in Seattle? It's only been a little more than a week and already I'm going nuts. I liked my kids soooo much more last week. In fact I liked everything sooooo much more last week.

This week, I only like my wine and my yarn and my computer.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

But if you're given a ton of rain, why not knit some fishies?

This is the first of a pair of hats for some fraternal twin babies coming soon. The other one will be shades of purple and orange (for the little girl). The pattern is from my LYS - The Knitting Room in East Arlington. They were doing a class with the pattern and although I didn't want to do a class, I had to make the hat!

It's my first ever try at colorwork - I was always intimidated to try it. Ha. Way easy. Like cables, it's another knitter's secret - looks impressive, not so hard. I was hoping to learn by the end of the summer - so what will I try now? Am feeling pretty cocky as I cast on for hat #2....

Which is good because I have 12 babies coming by the fall and gotta get cracking on a whole bunch more baby gifts soon. Can you believe 12 babies??!! By the 10th baby, I'll just be buying them books.

Missed Knitsmiths today - sorry ladies. Had a sick young'un - and especially on Mother's Day, had to be a good Mom and stay home. My husband and I agree that throwing up requires an extra parent.

Given the weather, not driving over might actually have been a good thing anyways. I'm only knitting fishies, don't need to swim as well.

But I will look for Alison's update in a few days and see what cool projects I missed!

In other knitting news, Green Gable #2 is finished and has been worn in public a couple of times already. I love it. But, I haven't taken a photo yet. Will do so next time.

Have begun a way cool lacy Noro Kureyon scarf for a friend - I couldn't get a shot that showed the colors off, so I'll post that later on too.

So, Craig brought sleeping Zoe up to bed and we're going to shoot for a little puke free TV....bye.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

on a beautiful spring day, do it This Way:

Imagine a photo of us on Sunday, in Lisa's lovely backyard, gathered around the table knitting. Sunny, big umbrella overhead, snacks on the table, drinks all around. Oh yeah, and we were swapping - beautiful yarns all inside, just waiting for new homes.

I had said photo, but just DELETED it. One second ago. ugh. Guess we'll have to do it again sometime so I can get the shot.... if you really want to see, go to Alison's blog -

The one pic I managed not to delete is of my new gi-normous holder of needles. There was a big ol box of aluminums on the table and the colors are soooo pretty, I had to grab a bunch. I buy mine at the five and dime and had collected a batch already - You can see I'm not a needle snob - plastic, bamboo, aluminum. Everyone living together in one big jar.

In other news, we went to the farm. Here are the girls, looking at sheep. Sheep that make wool that they did sell - but it was gray and uninteresting and easy to leave there - especially if you're a girl who likes her yarn bright and colorful. But baby pigs, chicks, giant mules, cows etc. Picnic in the sun. We had a great day.

And in Green Gabley news, almost done. On the table, it looks like a big blue square, but really it's almost finished and has some nice shaping.. Just need to block and finish up a sleeve or two (which consists of 3 rows ea - not a big undertaking).

Again, I love this pattern! But I've come to the realization it's not hugely flattering on me - or maybe I need a new bra when I try it on. I'm getting kind of a uniboob effect. Not pretty. We'll let the jury stay out till blocking is over and I put on an A list undergarment ---- hmmm.

And finally for the cocktails. Rain means red wine. And this is a particularly good bottle - was surprised. Usually my parents come for Passover and bring an array of Kosher Wines. The expectations are low. (They have amazing taste in wine when they bring for regular dinners, but it's the Kosher thing. Those just never live up to their normal counterparts....)

So to all you Jews out there looking for the perfect Kosher Wine - here you go. Tastes like the real thing. Complex, a little heavy, some good fruit and spice flavor. Kinda needs a good steak and some mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm.

So write it down - 2004 Cab/Merlot - Makhpelah - You'll be thanking me by Rosh Hashana!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I did love this pattern. Enough to make another one! Same yarn again - the DB Cotton DK. This time in a dark teal. I love this color - it's almost a navy, but a little brighter.

See that little fluffy thing in the shot - it's one of those little yellow things that fall off the tree and cover your yard. We have a ton of trees around here and I've been sweeping em up a few times a day, but they are EVERYWHERE!

And my poor husband really is allergic to them, so it sucks when they get tracked all over the place. So there's the vacuuming and the sweeping. And again. And again. It's cutting into my knitting time.

As much as I'd like to blame my outdoor allergy management responsibilities on the lack of content this week, I really can't. Not a lot of knitting actually happened - or even blogging for that matter! I walked right BY my local LYS. (That never happens!) All because one of my oldest and best friends has been in town from Amsterdam.

She doesn't knit. She directs films.

Instead, there has been a little more shopping, sitting in restaurants, seeing movies...
and of course - of THIS:

I don't remember what was in this particular pitcher. It was the only one I took a photo of, so it gets the dubious honor of getting posted. I do remember that it was really rainy and yucky out so we decided we needed a fruity thing to cheer us up.

I do remember it had gin. And orange juice. And grand mariner. And black cherry seltzer. And maybe a little pineapple juice too. (in fact it was a little sweet, so we cut it with more regular seltzer) .

And most importantly, it had little elephants on the glasses.

But yeah, about that KNITTING....
maybe I'll do more next week.

Especially since we have our swap tonight! Norah has already posted some beautiful yarns I'm thinking of.

Must decide if I should whip up a cocktail for that - anyone interested? Ladies.....????

Monday, May 01, 2006

The first item, Reese's Knit Honey Worsted in "dirty greens". The photo doesn't do the purples and blues justice, but they are there too. What more could a girl want?

Maybe stitch markers and a really cool corseted label.

The second, a big old batch of Debbie Bliss DK Cotton in a dark teal. Going to be another Green Gable, but for me this time...

And ta da! Mom's finished Noro sweater. I made a V neck cardigan with i cord ties out of a turtleneck pattern. Don't pay attention to the fit, since it's not for me. We're about the same as far as length, but the shoulders, arms and body are a little different. I think she'll dig it.

Missed Knitsmiths yesterday, . but heard it was a big, crazy day.
Will keep checking in and wait to see what Alison posts on the KS site!