Sunday, May 07, 2006

I did love this pattern. Enough to make another one! Same yarn again - the DB Cotton DK. This time in a dark teal. I love this color - it's almost a navy, but a little brighter.

See that little fluffy thing in the shot - it's one of those little yellow things that fall off the tree and cover your yard. We have a ton of trees around here and I've been sweeping em up a few times a day, but they are EVERYWHERE!

And my poor husband really is allergic to them, so it sucks when they get tracked all over the place. So there's the vacuuming and the sweeping. And again. And again. It's cutting into my knitting time.

As much as I'd like to blame my outdoor allergy management responsibilities on the lack of content this week, I really can't. Not a lot of knitting actually happened - or even blogging for that matter! I walked right BY my local LYS. (That never happens!) All because one of my oldest and best friends has been in town from Amsterdam.

She doesn't knit. She directs films.

Instead, there has been a little more shopping, sitting in restaurants, seeing movies...
and of course - of THIS:

I don't remember what was in this particular pitcher. It was the only one I took a photo of, so it gets the dubious honor of getting posted. I do remember that it was really rainy and yucky out so we decided we needed a fruity thing to cheer us up.

I do remember it had gin. And orange juice. And grand mariner. And black cherry seltzer. And maybe a little pineapple juice too. (in fact it was a little sweet, so we cut it with more regular seltzer) .

And most importantly, it had little elephants on the glasses.

But yeah, about that KNITTING....
maybe I'll do more next week.

Especially since we have our swap tonight! Norah has already posted some beautiful yarns I'm thinking of.

Must decide if I should whip up a cocktail for that - anyone interested? Ladies.....????


Anna said...

Eeeyyyyack!!! The swap? I'm missing the swap? That's just tragic. Damn exams! Damn them!!

colleen said...

Well, Matt's driving so I say "whip away".