Wednesday, May 10, 2006

on a beautiful spring day, do it This Way:

Imagine a photo of us on Sunday, in Lisa's lovely backyard, gathered around the table knitting. Sunny, big umbrella overhead, snacks on the table, drinks all around. Oh yeah, and we were swapping - beautiful yarns all inside, just waiting for new homes.

I had said photo, but just DELETED it. One second ago. ugh. Guess we'll have to do it again sometime so I can get the shot.... if you really want to see, go to Alison's blog -

The one pic I managed not to delete is of my new gi-normous holder of needles. There was a big ol box of aluminums on the table and the colors are soooo pretty, I had to grab a bunch. I buy mine at the five and dime and had collected a batch already - You can see I'm not a needle snob - plastic, bamboo, aluminum. Everyone living together in one big jar.

In other news, we went to the farm. Here are the girls, looking at sheep. Sheep that make wool that they did sell - but it was gray and uninteresting and easy to leave there - especially if you're a girl who likes her yarn bright and colorful. But baby pigs, chicks, giant mules, cows etc. Picnic in the sun. We had a great day.

And in Green Gabley news, almost done. On the table, it looks like a big blue square, but really it's almost finished and has some nice shaping.. Just need to block and finish up a sleeve or two (which consists of 3 rows ea - not a big undertaking).

Again, I love this pattern! But I've come to the realization it's not hugely flattering on me - or maybe I need a new bra when I try it on. I'm getting kind of a uniboob effect. Not pretty. We'll let the jury stay out till blocking is over and I put on an A list undergarment ---- hmmm.

And finally for the cocktails. Rain means red wine. And this is a particularly good bottle - was surprised. Usually my parents come for Passover and bring an array of Kosher Wines. The expectations are low. (They have amazing taste in wine when they bring for regular dinners, but it's the Kosher thing. Those just never live up to their normal counterparts....)

So to all you Jews out there looking for the perfect Kosher Wine - here you go. Tastes like the real thing. Complex, a little heavy, some good fruit and spice flavor. Kinda needs a good steak and some mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm.

So write it down - 2004 Cab/Merlot - Makhpelah - You'll be thanking me by Rosh Hashana!


Norah said...

I hope you find the right undergarment match for Green Gables--I think it'll look really cute on you!